Own the Buyer Journey with CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Improved Marketing Performance and Sales Success

The key to better engagement, increased leads, and improved customer retention is building strong, trusting relationships between your organization and your prospects and clients. Integrating your CRM system with a marketing automation platform helps you achieve this by providing a tool for better interactions and conversations, shortening the sales cycle along the way. 

By understanding which touchpoints along the customer journey are having the most impact on your target audience segments, you’re able to provide them with the content they clearly want and then have direct discussions around their pain points and how you can help solve those issues. Not only that, but by gaining more granular visibility into the buyer journey, you eliminate the risk of alienating potential customers by having repeat or redundant conversations.

Better Data Management and Hygiene

By creating a seamless integration between the two heavy hitters in your MarTech stack, you’re able to automate dozens of processes that previously required a lot of manual labor to maintain. Once integrated, you can be sure your data is more organized, easier to track, and faster to analyze and report on. 

And since these processes are now rules based, your marketing and sales teams are also dealing with more accurate information, eliminating the need for constant clean up and the potential for major SNAFUs with new prospects and current customers. You won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of sending a current customer irrelevant content or inundating the inbox of a lead already talking to a member of your sales team. 

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More importantly, you have an accurate view of how your marketing and sales efforts are performing as a whole. Now your data is more consistent, easier to leverage, and easier to report to key stakeholders and team members.

More User Adoption of Your MarTech Stack

MarTech software is extremely effective, but it doesn’t always come cheap. And when these tools aren’t optimized to be as simple, usable, and productive as possible, you might run into a lack of user adoption. Obviously, this is both a waste of the software and a waste of company resources (headcount and budget). But by integrating your CRM system with your marketing automation platform, you enhance user adoption because the stewards of these tools, your employees, are inherently held more accountable for their application. 

If the people who are supposed to be using these software platforms on a daily basis are unable to report intelligently about their progress and have productive discussions with their colleagues in their departments and throughout the business, it will become crystal clear that they aren’t using the tools at their disposal — or at least that they’re not using them in the right way. At which point, you can use this as an opportunity for enhanced training sessions, reconsider the ease of use and efficacy of the tool, or re-evaluate your employee’s standing with your organization.

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