Park Hang-seo representative releases statement regarding status of his Vietnam contract

Park Hang-seo and his Vietnam contract extension has been a subject of several news stories in the recent months, and now the coach’s representatives have spoken about the contract.

The South Korean’s contract with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) will run its course by January 2020 during which time the team will be in the middle of an important 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualification campaign.

As a result, the two parties had decided to get on the negotiation table to finalise a contract extension before the said period. However, DJ Management Co. Ltd (DJM), Park’s representatives, have said that repeated media speculation has affected the contract negotiations.

“DJM sends an official statement on Park to reiterate the sensitive issue mentioned countlessly in the media about Park Hang Seo’s contract renewal. Recently, DJM witnessed contract details – contract duration, terms, and goals of Park Hang Seo – leak into the media again,” read the statement.

“These unnegotiated contract details and rumours have laid unexpected pressure to the management company. Plus, these suspected speculations disturb all negotiating parties and do not align with the initial goal of finalising the negotiation in a timely manner for Park to stay focused in his duties with the Vietnam national team,” DJM CEO Lee Dong Jun said in the statement.

“As a result, DJM request for a ‘cooling period’ among all parties until the official second meeting, refraining from mentioning or talking about Park Hang Seo’s new contract in public or private,” it said.

“Park Hang Seo promises of his commitment in his duty and responsibility as the Vietnam national team Head Coach. DJM backs and trusts Park’s professionalism and passion for his current duties,” he said.

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