Park Seo-joon reacts to being dubbed ‘Asia’s Ryan Gosling’

South Korean actor gets flustered after being compared to ‘La La Land’ actor Ryan Gosling

Published 4:31 PM, September 28, 2019

Updated 4:31 PM, September 28, 2019

ASIA'S RYAN GOSLING. Park Seo-joon is flattered to be dubbed as 'Asia's Ryan Gosling' in his visit to Manila. Photo from Bench Twitter (@benchtm)

ASIA’S RYAN GOSLING. Park Seo-joon is flattered to be dubbed as ‘Asia’s Ryan Gosling’ in his visit to Manila. Photo from Bench Twitter (@benchtm)

MANILA, Philippines – South Korean actor Park Seo-joon was recently dubbed “Asia’s Ryan Gosling” and it seems he’s still not over it.

In a press conference on Saturday, September 28, Seo-joon admitted that he was flattered to be compared to Ryan Gosling and is actually a fan of the La La Land actor. (LOOK: Park Seo-joon is in Manila)

“I am actually a fan of Ryan Gosling, I have watched this work, I enjoy his work, and I’m very flattered that people will compare me Ryan Gosling,” said Seo-joon through a translator. The Korean actor is Manila as an endorser of local clothing brand Bench.

However, Seo-joon – who is known for his roles in The Divine Fury and Fight for my Way – revealed he has bigger aspirations.

“But I hope that in the future, I won’t be dubbed as Asia’s anything, I would like to make myself known as the person that I am, so I will work harder on projects and put my out there, but I am absolutely honored that you will compare me to Ryan Gosling,” continued Seo-joon.

Although he is still not fluent in English, Seo-joon hopes that he can land a Hollywood job in the future; he knows that South Korean stars are gaining more access to the international stage.

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“[I have] no concrete plans, but that’s something (Hollywood) that is definitely on [my] mind,” added the What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim actor.

He will have his fan meet on Sunday, September 29, at the Mall of Asia Arena. This is Seo-joon’s first time in Manila. –

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