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last of us part 2

The biggest (and really only) news from the recent PlayStation State of Play show was another look at the Last of Us Part II. This coincided with games journalists finally getting a chance to play the hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 game for themselves before its release next February. However, sandwiched between all this good news was the disappointing fact that the sequel ditches the multiplayer mode of the original. Granted, considering how people love these games for their rich deep narrative-driven single player campaign, there could’ve been worse losses.

Earlier this year Sony held its first couple of State of Play little online press conferences for PlayStation news. They were… good for first attempts at aping the now-cherished Nintendo Direct formula. However, this most recent State of Play promised to be the longest and most exciting one yet, mostly because it comes after this summer’s E3 where Sony was conspicuously absent.

Here are all the hot headlines from today’s State of Play.

With Death Stranding almost out the way (complete with piss-colored DualShock controller) The Last of Us Part II is easily the most anticipated upcoming PlayStation 4 release. The unexpected sequel to Naughty Dog’s harrowing post-apocalyptic survival shooter puts you in control of Ellie coming into her own (with some help from Joel) in the wasteland. After years of agonizing waiting, making players as desperate as the characters, The Last of Us Part II will fill our blackened hearts when it launches on February 21, 2020.

We got a moody and mysterious teaser for Humanity from Enhance. That’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s company so hopefully this new game, about manipulating crowds to solve problems, will bind our souls even closer together than Tetris Effect did.

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The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer makes the game look more like other bombastic entries in the franchise, rather than leaked footage of actual war crimes. So that’s something. Wattam, the new game from the creators of Katamari Damacy, is bringing all the whimsical weirdness you’d expect this December. Civilization VI (a game I was literally playing on Nintendo Switch on the train this morning) is coming to PS4 this November with expansions. We saw more of Afterparty, a game we recently played.

And as for stuff to play right now, the MediEvil remake demo is out today as is L.A. Noire for PlayStation VR. Meanwhile, MLB The Show 19 and the original Last of Us are your free PlayStation Plus games for October.

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