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Leave America or be a Trump slave.

Chin up though, there is a solution, even if the 20 or so candidates aren’t brave enough to tell you.

The answer is you, right in
your hands. Right in the device that your using to read this blog with. You can
vote for your selves on all subject that our representatives are supposed to
for us. That’s right, with a secure app or website (and yes it does exist, look
at what the IRS uses). We can be given the subject to vote on and with the same
obligation as we have for Jury Duty. We can share our thoughts by voting and
letting Majority rule, just as it was meant to be in the first place. The only
difference is there would be little confusion of what the people want and
politicians would have little opportunity to fowl it up.

So I watch the 2020 presidential debate and what you know it
was a total s— show.

Not that I don’t think that
everyone there is not well meaning people. In Fact, all of them have the same
point of view even if they don’t want to admit it to themselves: Make the
country we live in a healthy and loving place where everyone has the resources
to be there best selves and contribute to society in an effective manner. Where
each would be judge by the content of their character and not on the color of
their skin.

that sounds familiar.

Oh yah, that’s right it was
Martin Luther King who said that.  So,
even after all those years we are still facing the same obstacles to such a
perfect vision of our country. Even after a total of 4 hours none of the Democratic
Candidates dared tackle the question of how to get the people first in a bipartisan
government that could stop the progression of a well-meaning idea to help
advance the people by having a senator or representative delay it for all kinds
of reason. Some more selfish then others but all leaving Americans waiting and
suffering for the freedoms that make life worth living.

Now we have a Kamala Harris and Bidon popularity T.V. show.

They won’t change anything for
us. So, why act like beating up on each other is going to make the difference.
Maybe, it’s because they know that if you can’t win on facts the next best
thing is emotional. Keep everyone debating and we can glance over the issue
that our Government is locked with 2 parties at each other’s throats. Neither
allowing for the other to look appealing to the American people. Allowing those
who cheat us to profite from this disorganization will learn that there are no
consequences for blocking change that the people are begging for. Mark my
words, if we don’t do something about this. We will have corporations continue
to work together to us our government as a consumer warehouse and make us pay
more for less. They will add to our misery and mask it as the cost of doing business.
Feeding us false hope of better life but eating away at our futures. Abusing
our health with experimental foods and our destroying sanity by over working us
with very little time off. I know you can see this already with increased
obesity and violent gun shootings in the work place. However, our government
has found their footing on listening to special interest groups which setup
shop right in the White House. Now those who would profit from harming us can
continue without fear of punishment for their wrong doing.

Imagine being given so much respect that corporations beg to be on our
good side

Each of them ratting each other
out for corruption and evil deeds that we have no idea they were even doing.
Such as poisoning our food, water and even air. Come on, we all suspected that
they were doing it. What about this?  Not
having to work so many hours and still not have enough to do anything fun or
even enough to eat. Having vacations that last longer than a damn 2 weeks with a
pay that doesn’t make us feel like we shouldn’t have ever went on one. It can
be done, it should be and we don’t have it because our voices were stolen from
us. It is our right to live not just survive. Unless, of course you find being
in debt and worrying about being taxed one way or another on what you earn,
even through your retirement as living.  

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There I said it and you can ignore it if you like but the writing is on
the wall

We see that wrong doing is
rewarded in our government and those who were elected to watch out for us have
found a love for money by taking advantage of Government loop holes. We are
lying to ourselves if we think our last-ditch effort will be found in some
person no matter how popular they are. Our last-ditch effort is within us, in
our mobile devices, in our voices. However, if you are one that recognizes that
change takes time and could be violent, you might want to ready yourselves to
live abroad. Especial for the golden years of your retirement. The
golden period is something I look forward to like almost everyone. It is a goodbye
to active working life and hello to simple enjoyment. However, if you are
planning to retire here in the U.S.A; golden might not be how you would
describe it.

citizens, an ideal retirement can only be achievable outside of America, and
here is why:

You are paying more in taxes,
products and services but Getting Less. The average adult American has at the
very least one form of debt. That’s not including                                                          
student loans to pay. Which would be acceptable, however even they are
unfair and unbalanced. Way unbalanced. Although there may be some relief with
refinancing. Add to that, you have a mortgage or a car loan or some other loan
that needs payment at the end of every month. Let’s Add to that the fact your
earnings don’t compare to the average cost of living index and your lift
with  hoping your side job will
compensate *. Also let’s not forget that your almighty government will still
want you to pay taxes on that. Like most Americans, you are basically working
for nothing and there’s another name for that it’s called slavery; you are
literally a slave in your own country. Americans all over have been feeling the
pinch of the Trump administration. But no matter how much we protest, how loud
we cry, our government has chosen not to hear us. The only thing that they are
working towards is to close the borders. So, where does that leave us? Slaves
stuck in a country with no exit. Do you want to be a Trump slave even in

Retirement? Cheer up.

Do not lie to yourself and think when
you retire, your pension and savings will be able to give you a comfortable retirement.
The cost of living in America is ridiculously high. So why not retire somewhere
else where the cost of living is affordable, and you can get more for
less?  Thanks to the many retirees from
U.S. and Europe that have figured out this dilemma. There are over a hundred
peaceful countries that you can choose from where the cost of

living is affordable is not a dream
but reality. Some of these places are even English speaking like Belize and
Guyana. Which are just a few. Places like Thailand, Saigon and Mexico have
whole communities of seniors and retirees just living the life. Letting their hardworking
years in the States pay off with favorable options like beachfront property and
year round good weather. Not only is this a favorable option but offshore
retirement is a trend on the rise. With so many expats (People that left their
home country to live abroad) doing it already. One only needs to join a
Facebook group for a particular expat community to become immersed in the adapted
culture. The U.S Social Security Administration reported in 2018 that they are sending
cheques to over 700,000 Americans living in foreign countries. Bear in mind
that this figure is only for the Americans who are old enough to retire.
Imagine how many more Americans have decided to “retire” abroad.

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and Earning

If you have always wanted to
explore the world we live in, traveling from one destination to another. Then you
can do like a majority of expats (people that have left their home country) and
earn income while traveling. How? By partnering with affiliate sites. Affiliate
sites let you turn your Blog and landing page where you write about any interest
worthy subjects into a vendor’s platform. A vendor will chose these places to
sell through and each sale a profit for you. Just choose a niche and let it
rip. As far as, setting up a website. There are plenty of places to learn to
make a site. However, few as effective as Bluehost. Not to sound like a
commercial but Bluehost has everything you need to get you started down the
path of website building but maybe you think investing in the Market is more
your thing.  Well, there is Forex Duality
as well as Suretrader (Offshore trading Platform). Suretrader a Bahama based
trading company. Has the benefit of not having to obey American rules such as
no more than 3 same day trades every 5 business days. They instead allow for
unlimited same day trades without the 25,000 dollar requirement. Just be
careful because there are a few fees that come with that freedom. Enjoy the
freedom of traveling all over and becoming your own boss. How does that sound?*

 So, let’s start the journey with an Offshore
Bank Account. That’s right and don’t get scared about that. There has been
quite a history of Companies and wealthy people setting up offshore accounts.
Mostly for tax purposes but also it is an easier way to get your money by
setting up an account in the country you wish to live. To give you an idea of
how important this might become there is a story from a newly expat/retiree
that you should hear. Any average person can open and access an offshore
account. The requirements for opening one are similar to those of opening a
bank account in the U.S.A. with some noticeable differences but with patience
all can be overcome. You’ll need

to furnish your foreign banker with
personal information and verified identification documents. Depending

on where you want to open your
offshore bank account, you must do thorough research to get information on

their specific requirements. Just
as it is with local bank accounts, some are better than others, leaving it up

you to do your due diligence before
making a decision.

We Must Govern Ourselves

The America we have today is not
the America that we want. If we allow the state of the country to continue

as it is, then we will be doing an
injustice to ourselves and our future generations. Since we cannot remove

the Trump administration, it is us
who must leave America, in order to achieve the change we want.

In leaving America, we will still
have a say on what happens in the country by voting on important issues

through apps and websites. We will
no longer need representatives and senators who ignore us. Most of all,

our actions will combat corruption
and the influence of special interest groups currently in America.

Eventually, we will return to a
more comfortable and less polluted America.

Do you choose to leave America or to become a Trump slave? The choice is in your hands. But if you want to enjoy your heydays, a safer, more comfortable, and cheaper country awaits you.

By Barron Pittman of Meloddo

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