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According to study, “World Polyethylene foam(PE) Foam Market Research Report 2024(covering USA, EU, China, South East Asia, Japan and etc” the key companies operating in the world polyethylene foam (PE) foam market are Rogers Corporation, Orlando Products, Armacell International, All Foam Products Co., Inc., Northern Products Company, Quality Foam Packaging, Inc., Williams Foam, MBK Tape Solutions, Sing Home, Wisconsin Foam Products, QIHONG, Sansheng Industry, MOYUAN, JINGKE SHIYE,RUNSHENG, CYG TEFA, ZhjiangJiaolian, ZhangqiuJicheng, HengshiJucheng Rubber, Hubei Yuanxiang, Great Wall Rubber, Zhejiang Wanli, Runyang Technology, Zhejiang Runyang, Fullchance Rubber Sheet, HengshuiYongsheng, Sanhe Plastic Rubber, HuzhouHuaming, Hengshui Rubber Company Limited. Key vendors are investing considerably in research & development (R&D) to develop bio-based, advanced, and recyclable PE foams which aim to increase the awareness about recycling process and manufacturing of efficient eco-friendly PE foams. Furthermore, vendors are also working on increasing the shock absorbency & elasticity of PE foams to provide excellent safety to the packed products for packaging & shipping.

Polyethylene foam (PE) is a resilient, strong, closed-cell type of foam. Its structure is made of lots of tiny bubbles, sealed off from each other. It is used for packaging fragile goods owing to its excellent vibration dampening and insulation properties. It offers high resistance to chemicals & moisture. Some essential characteristics are closed-cell, easy to fabricate, lightweight, superb strength & tear resistance, non-abrasive, flexibility, non-dusting, impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria, excellent shock absorption & vibration dampening properties, CFC free, resistant to water, chemicals, solvents & grease, excellent buoyancy, odorless, excellent thermal insulation properties and cost-effective.

Based on form type, polyethylene foam market is segmented into XLPE foam and non XLPE foam. Non-XLPE foam is slightly abrasive, requires more fabrication, relatively expensive, and resistant to tearing, cracking, and crumbling. Based on distribution channel, market is segmented into business to customer (B2C), business to business (B2B) and online retailing. Based on application, market is segmented into cushioning, packaging, laminating and others. In addition, based on end-user, market is segmented into automotive, protective packaging, medical, building & construction, foot wear and others. Automotive industry is further-sub-segmented into child seat, shock absorber, tool boxes,side impact and under carpet. Protective packaging segment includes tableware, cap liners, food trays, electric products, heat-resistant packaging, fruit trays, groceries and fish containers. Additionally, building & construction industry is anticipated to witness highest growth during the forecast period, due to huge investments in new infrastructure developments, renovation of non-residential buildings and new housing projects.

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The polyethylene foam market is driven by rise in the construction business in both commercial and residential properties sector, followed by surge in investment by individuals towards home ownership in several countries, rapid urbanization,low cost of production,easy availability of raw materials, energy sustainable & energy conservative material, rise in demand from automotive sector and increase in income levels of individuals. However, toxic properties of PE foams and volatility in the prices of raw materials may impact the market.

Based on geography, China country holds major share in polyethylene foam market owing to relatively high-value share and rise in penetration of various industries in the country. The EU and USA are expected to witness higher growth rate due to presence of strong world class manufacturing as well as a service industry over the forecast period.

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

Global Polyethylene foam(PE) Market

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