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What if your husband has become more secretive regarding his mobile use? With time there are little changes in everyone’s personality and behavior. So, is there something more to this change than what meets the eye and should you be concerned?

Maybe he has joined Instagram and trying to hide his activities there. Do you want to spy on husband Instagram and find out the reality of his actions? As a social media platform, Instagram has mushroomed in popularity.

After all, there are over a billion monthly active users as of January 2019 on Instagram. It just becomes a trend to see the scum of society follow wherever the big crowd is. It is their instinct to take advantage of the vast numbers.

Many also get carried away the glitz and glamour of Instagram. The site is a photo and video sharing service. The resulting interface is quite addictive and can distract anyone from the priorities in life by endless scrolling.

Ever since the launch of direct messaging, many people are using this lie and cheat. It is super easy and convenient as you don’t need to be a follower to send a message unless the account has been made private.

Reason to spy on husband’s Instagram

Social media sites are the usual places where people communicate nowadays. This is especially true for acquaintances and even friends and colleagues. Many people who are a few years into their marriage sometimes are new to Instagram.

As a force of habit, they search for their old friend. What if your husband met his past lover? What if he has been chatting with her? If you are used to seeing his phone, he will delete those messages. Naturally, you want to read husband deleted Instagram messages to know for sure.

Here are a few suspicious behaviors that will make you want to spy on your husband’s Instagram and doubt on his chats:-

  • The Fake ID on Instagram 
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Social media sites give you the choice to choose your ID. Most people use their original names, and while some use creative names, they find attractive. Many times there is an innocent explanation for creating a fake ID.

But most of the time, the reasons are obvious. Many times these are created to be a troll. The other reason is to cheat behind their partner’s back. Instagram DM’s don’t even have a backup, unlike other chat apps making it desirable for such a purpose.

Flirting is an exercise that can sometimes boost productivity and focus at work, and studies even. A little flirting is healthy even, according to some experts. But what about the flirting that happens in secret?

If you caught a little peek and saw your husband send overly flirty DM’s to another woman then it is trouble. A few occasional messages of such nature can be excused as good conversation. Every conversation has its limits, though.

It is the era of a constant stream of pictures and videos. Social media sites have promoted a culture of continually sending pictures online. But it does matter to who are you sending the pictures and why? Public posts don’t matter.

But if your husband is sending personal photos daily to someone other than you, then this is a big problem. Mobile monitoring software can tell you a lot. Sending this amount of pictures to someone is not without its reason. 

Browser apps are used on every smart-phone. The kind of websites we visit tell a lot about the type of person we are. Browser history is an excellent way to know about the person’s activities. If your husband is cheating, then he could be visiting the same profile.

But what if your husband has started deleting his browser history? There could always be a reasonable explanation for doing so. Or it could be a way for him to remove any evidence of his cheating and conversing with their lover.

Social media is an excellent way to meet people around the world. You can meet people based on mutual interests and get entertained by meeting people from different cultures. If it stays just on friendly terms, then there is nothing wrong.

But when you start meeting those online friends, then boundaries need to be set. If your husband is meeting these online friends without letting you know first, he could be hiding something. You need to keep track their activities tell if its cheating or not.

How can a spy app help you track your husband’s Instagram activity?

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Now that you have read all the signs and found them matching your situation let’s get to the next step for you. Since he is using Instagram as a tool to cheat on you, you need to spy on Instagram profile of your husband regularly.

A trusted spy app can help you in this direction. Such spy app solutions can help you get the much-needed information and proof. Listed below are some of the ways:-

  • GPS location tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Live screen-shots
  • Call logs tracking and phone book
  • Installed app tracking
  • Multimedia files tracking
  • Browser history tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • All the information will be available with the date and time stamps


Being on a social media site is an inevitable result of being online. It is even healthy to occasional to go online and stay connected with online friends and popular stories. But it shouldn’t interfere with personal life. If you have a suspicion of your husband’s Instagram activity, then you should spy on husband Instagram with a trusted spy app.

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