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Clifton NJ based PracticeBloom is pleased to offer their unique, dedicated online marketing services to every clinic in the field of plastic surgery. The company’s plastic surgery marketing expertise is set on driving up traffic and drawing in patients for all their clients.

Top-of-the-line marketing firms like PracticeBloom know that image and conversation are everything in the arena of brand marketing. A person’s first brush with a plastic surgery clinic is often their image, their public persona, and therefore it is vital that first impressions are as positive as possible. Complementing this is the clinic’s ability to communicate with the wider public as well as their clients. A successful message is one that can both convert people into clients, and encourage brand loyalty in existing patients.

To this end, PracticeBloom developed a proprietary program called ProfitEngines. This intelligent service capitalises on the inherent nature of social media to to identify and drive relevant traffic to high-converting plastic surgery landing pages. It accomplishes this by utilising funnel marketing and retargeting techniques to bolster its ability to provide more leads and conversions.

As PractiveBloom’s Owner and CEO Matt Coffy noted, “To most agencies, social media marketing means posting updates on your Facebook page a few times per week. To us, social media is a critical piece of a much bigger puzzle called funnel marketing.” Here, the services that a clinic offers its patients forms the core of the message it needs to get across, and is therefore the backbone of an ad’s allure to a potential client.

As Coffy explained, “A great cosmetic surgery marketing campaign begins with an offer, which gets turned into an ad on Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and any other relevant social media network. Those ads will drive targeted traffic (potential new plastic surgery patients) to a beautiful landing page where they can claim the offer, becoming a ‘new lead’.” Those interested may also find PracticeBloom on DigitalJournal to gain more insight regarding their approach to campaigns.

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A large part of PracticeBloom’s services includes the utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for plastic surgery practices, a vital aspect of any clinic’s campaign to take command of their presence online. According to the marketing firm, it, “is an extremely complex process that involves work on both the back and front ends of your website, as well as the building of quality links from relevant sites in your industry.”

The company explained that on search engines such as Google or Bing, the proper implementation of SEO would begin with, “in-depth research into the competitive landscape, the key terms and phrases that your potential patients are using in search engines, and the correlations between the sites currently ranking on page one for your target keywords.” Once this is complete, the company analyzes the clinic’s website, including its content and code, to determine how well it adheres to the criteria that search engines typically look for. This includes optimizing how well the website presents itself to a given search engine, adding the required metadata and schema markup, and even increasing the speed with which the website loads when visited.

To conclude, the company stated that their, “link-building team will develop powerful backlinks from other websites relevant to your medical practice, consistently increasing the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines.” The process of keeping SEO up to date is an ongoing one, however, and it is for this reason that PracticeBloom keeps tabs on a clinic’s website updates to measure how they affect the site’s search engine ranking, and therefore its online reach. As the company explained, each change is evaluated and adjusted as necessary, “until we figure out exactly what the search engines want to see. As these elements come together, you’ll see your medical practice’s website raise through the search results and past your competitors, resulting in a steady stream of organic leads month over month!” A higher ranking in search results makes a website more likely to be selected by a prospective patient.

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Plastic surgery clinics looking to enhance their online presence may wish to contact Matt Coffy of PracticeBloom. Detailed breakdowns of their services are available on their website, as well as further contact details. They may also be reached via their Facebook page, at


For more information about PracticeBloom, contact the company here:

Matt Coffy
+1 973-947-4500
[email protected]
45 E Madison Ave,
NJ 07011,

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