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PracticeBloom, an online marketing agency, offers search engine optimisation (SEO) services to plastic surgery practises. The plastic surgery SEO aims to make their clients’ pages the number one Google search result for certain keyword searches. “For many companies in the market of cosmetic surgery, it’s the look and feel of your site that matters just as much as your expertise. What better way to make your site look the best than by being the number one in a Google search,” says PracticeBloom.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of marketing a website in such a way as to make it appear more often in web searches. This involves altering the code of the page to remove any errors, altering the appearance to make it more attractive to users, altering the content to attract search engines’ attention more often, among other things that make the site more likely to appear higher up in web searches. PracticeBloom does this for plastic surgery practises, aiming to make their clients the first result in relevant keyword searches on Google, and then generating leads. “In the world of search rankings and search engine marketing, the difference between number one, two, and three makes all the difference. With our search traffic talent, we can guarantee your top presence, long-term,” PracticeBloom says.

Slow, difficult to navigate websites, with little or unhelpful information often lead potential customers to abandon a site even if the surgeon behind it is highly skilled. “You might be the best plastic surgeon in the world, but if your website looks and feels like it’s from 2005, no one will ever know just how lucky they would be to walk in your office,” states the agency. In optimising the site, PracticeBloom takes into account a number of factors that may affect the rating of the site. The refresh rate of the site, even if it is a few milliseconds longer than a competitor’s site, can affect how often Google shows the site in searches.

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In addition to optimising the main site, PracticeBloom also optimises clients’ online presence on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. “Whether or not you choose to take part in the conversation, there’s one nagging truth about the online world you can’t ignore, people are talking about your plastic surgery practice and online presence. In plastic surgery, this might be more relevant than ever; one disappointed customer is all it takes to tarnish your image on Twitter or Instagram,” says the agency, “We monitor the general sentiment hovering around your business, and work to improve that with social media marketing strategies.” The company’s own twitter can be found at

PracticeBloom employs an experienced team of developers with a vast knowledge regarding speed optimisation of websites. This service is available for both mobile and desktop sites. Their experts stay informed about plastic surgery trends, which change on a month by month basis, to ensure that their clients’ sites remain relevant. “Staying on top of the SEO game is a full-time job because SEO is about understanding the crowd. In an industry like plastic surgery, where trends and fads come by month after month, optimizing for the top keywords means being intimately familiar with what your clientele is searching for. Our team of SEO experts work proactively towards keeping your plastic surgery website above the competition,” says PracticeBloom.

The agency works to keep ahead of competitors in terms of what is currently popular. “We extensively research the latest terms, fads, and lingo relevant to your potential cosmetic surgery clients. After finding out what people are looking for, we then work to build pages around those specific topics. What better way to show your customers that you can do what they need than by telling them about it directly? If your patients are searching for ‘nose surgical solutions’, we’ll produce the relevant page right away.” By adding popular keywords and more pages to the site, covering a wide variety of topics, PracticeBloom’s aim is that, “Google will be auto-completing searches with your plastic surgery practice in mind.”

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The agency’s own online presence includes an informative Facebook page that aims to keep clients, both current and potential, informed about events and offers that involve PracticeBloom. The page can be found at


For more information about PracticeBloom, contact the company here:

Matt Coffy
+1 973-947-4500
[email protected]
45 E Madison Ave,
NJ 07011,

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