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Not every tweet President Trump makes is fodder for ridicule.

Even though some are a bit ridiculous and meant to stir up trouble, a few are much more predictable because of his political views. Any “dust-up” that happens on social media is a result of having one staunch political view over another.

One example of this is a recent tweet where Trump asked Apple to make it easier for authorities to unlock the iPhone. His tweet from this week reads: “They refuse to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers, and other violent criminal elements.” 

President Trump said the U.S. government helps Apple with trade and the Silicon Valley tech giant should “step up to the plate” and be willing to help the country.

Here’s the tweet:

Now, this column is 100% apolitical and bipartisan — the topics discussed are related to social media only, so you won’t read too many political opinions here.

What’s interesting to me with this particular tweet is that it has not erupted into a social media firestorm. It’s impossible to predict what will set people off, and when there will be a sane dialogue between armchair social media pundits.

To be honest, it’s refreshing. From a tech standpoint, President Trump is clearly wrong — making it easier to unlock phones is an invasion of privacy for normal folks. Left or right-leaning, it’s a slippery slope in terms of technology and privacy.

Yet the commenters have decided to use logic and sound reasoning this time.

The dialogue must be coming from people who want to have more of a productive debate, and that is the true value and benefit to social media. It’s a valid public discourse. It’s helpful to everyone. One commenter had this to say: 

“You keep giving the FEDS more of your privacy and rights and civil liberties away — I’m sure they’ll use that power responsibly. ‘I don’t do anything wrong so it’s not a problem, I have nothing to hide.’ Who says you have to do anything wrong to get put in prison?”

Another said: “I stand with Apple on this. They are protecting the privacy and security of every American with an Apple product, including you. If they create a backdoor to unlock their phones, it will be exploited. Do you want people able to access your phone? Russia, if you’re listening…”

Another was clear and concise: “America is Great because of our freedom and rights.  If they did what you say, it would remove the privacy of everybody who owns an iPhone not only criminals. Once something like that is done, it’s pretty wide open.”

Even supporters waded into the debate, but ever-so-delicately disagreeing. It was almost as though everyone decided this is a topic for gentle discussion.

“It’s a tough call Mr. President. Apple is supporting ppl’s right to privacy. Have you seen what our Govt. has been doing to spy on us?”

Maybe for this one single tweet, the comments won’t be a constant flamewar. Maybe this is a sign of sanity on an issue that we should all care about.

I’m not holding my breath on that, though.

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