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Prime Day delivers a 60% increase in profits for Amazon sellers [Feedvisor data]

Amazon’s third annual Prime Day has to come to a close, and it appears everyone made out like bandits.

In addition to the 30-hour event marking Amazon’s biggest sales day ever and driving more Prime memberships than any other day in Amazon’s history, Amazon sellers earned nearly 60 percent more profit during the event than they did in the two weeks prior to Prime Day.

Feedvisor, a machine-learning platform for e-commerce companies, analyzed sales activity for 132,311 items on Amazon, comparing performance results for the products during June of this year to yesterday’s Prime Day.

According to Feedvisor, sellers saw a 58 percent increase in profits, a 92 percent increase in sales, and a 66 percent increase in orders. The data showed sales on Amazon were already up 118 percent on July 10, just two hours after Prime Day’s 9:00 p.m. ET start.

The highest-percentage sales spike happened at 4:00 a.m. ET on July 11, when sales were up 221 percent compared to the same time two weeks before on June 27.

The following chart compares Amazon Prime Day sales per hour. The gray line tracks the start of Prime Day on July 10, and the yellow line is the full 24-hour Prime Day on July 11. The blue and orange lines represent 30-hour periods stretching over two days, two weeks prior to Prime Day.

2017 Prime Day sales per hour

Feedvisor says some sellers saw sales for certain items jump more than 100 percent. Amazon reported similar findings, with companies like Furbo Dog Camera claiming its daily sales on the site increased over 500 times during Prime Day.

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“Within the first six hours, Furbo Dog Camera shot up to the No.1 Best Seller in four categories,” says a Furbo Dog Camera’s Victor Chang, who was quoted in Amazon’s press release on Prime Day results.

Another Amazon seller, Kahili Creations, said its Prime Days sales this year were up 350 percent over 2016’s Prime Day. New York City-based LightAccents reported this year’s Prime Day was the company’s best sales day in over two years.

Amazon’s competition also took part in the Prime Day buzz, with many big-name retailers — including Best Buy, Walmart, eBay, Newegg and Costco — running their own online sales events. You can see a roundup of yesterday’s discounts offerings from Amazon’s competitors here: On Prime Day, see how competitors are piggybacking on Amazon’s success.

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