Profile Picture Perfection: 5 Tips for Your Social Media Pics

Profile Picture Perfection: 5 Tips for Your Social Media Pics

Profile Picture Perfection: 5 Tips for Your Social Media Pics

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. This is especially true in the age of social networking.

From prospective employers to long-lost friends to would-be dates, today people form their first impression of you from a profile picture. Here’s how to make everyone swipe right on you, whether just mentally or in the digital world.

Make a Professional Profile Picture

Sure, a spontaneous selfie on a night out with your phone seems like a good idea for a profile pic. You’re genuine, you’re candid-–but you’re not professional. And being professional is just as important as appearing fun in your cover photo.

In fact, 70 percent of employers do a social media search of their applicants during the hiring process. It would be a shame to lose a job opportunity based solely on a profile photo.

Try to figure out a fine line between appearing professional and fun. Don’t look bored or rigid in your photo, but don’t pose with a beer on Ladies’ Night either.

Another way to make your photo look more professional is by enhancing its quality. For instance, play around with customizing the look of your Facebook cover photos using some of your favorite tools.

Just Smile

Saying “cheese” when posing for a photo is so yesterday. But a nice, warm smile is still mandatory–if you want your photo to look welcoming, that is.

If you hate smiling for photos, you’re not alone. Many people who try smiling on the spot end up with a stiff facial expression that resembles a grimace.

In order to get past the trouble of smiling on command, get yourself into the right headspace before snapping your pic. Think of something calming or happy, and let the camera capture that thought.

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Aim For A Good Frame

Your selfies might be ambitious works of art sometimes, but your profile pic should be taken in a better frame. First and foremost, make sure that you capture a clear shot of your face. No matter the social network, your face is what most viewers want to see.

It’s how they decide whether to follow you or not.

In order to get a quality, well-proportioned shot of your face, make sure to keep the camera at a respectable distance to your body. In fact, if you use a tripod or if you hire a professional photographer, you have a better chance at acing the frame.

Use Warm Colors

The psychology of color plays a big role in profile pictures. Science says that warm colors (red, green, yellow) make a person seem more trustworthy in a picture. Cool colors (blue, for instance), make a person seem calm, yet not as trustworthy.

The best way to appear down-to-Earth in your photo is to dress in a brighter top. No, you don’t need to wear an obnoxiously bright color like fuchsia. But do wear something striking and warm. You can opt for a fun orange tee, for instance.

Go For A Simple Background

Of course you want to paint an accurate picture of yourself in your profile. But don’t cram all your interests into the background of your cover photo.

A Busy background distracts from your face. Ideally, you want to save the photos depicting activities for photo albums on your Facebook timeline. Let your profile be simple.

In fact, you can use a contrasting background in terms of color to help yourself stand out. For instance, if you wear warm colors against a cool blue backdrop, you’re creating the perfect image.

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Want More Social Media Tips?

Social media plays such a vital role in our lives today. Posting a quality profile picture is just one essential piece of the social networking puzzle. To catch up on the latest social media tips, tricks, and news, come back often. Our posts are packed with everything you need to thrive online.

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