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ProRankTracker is a comprehensive SEO tool and search ranking analytics suite. It is designed to help small, medium, and large businesses gather SEO data on all of their websites, analyze that data to extract insights and identify SEO trends, and generate in-depth reports that can help decision makers pinpoint which keywords perform well versus those that underperform.

Over 60,000 customers use ProRankTracker. It offers multilingual support as well as data on local and international traffic, depending on where your customers are. It can also be configured to gather organic Google search data from mobile devices along with data from searches conducted using other apps such as YouTube or Google Maps.

Plans and Pricing

Beginners can choose the basic or starter plan for $25 or $49 per user per month, respectively. These plans provide you with between 200 and 500 search terms, up to 10 sites that you can audit, and full search engine results for the keywords you choose. You can also crawl up to 200,000 pages for SEO performance data. If you are just getting started with your search optimization initiatives, these plans are cost-effective and have the features you will need to effectively improve your SEO.

You can take things up a level with the standard or advanced plans for $89 or $129 per month for two or four users, respectively. These plans allow you to crawl up to one million pages, audit up to 40 sites, and perform analytics on up to 2,000 keywords or keyword phrases.

Finally, there is a business plan that can be customized to your needs. It starts with 3,000 search terms, 60 site audits, crawling for one and a half million sites, and six user accounts for $180 per month. This plan can scale all the way up to 100,000 search terms, 2,000 site audits, crawling for ten million pages, and 200 sub-accounts for $3,300 per month. Simply choose the exact specs you need and your monthly costs will rise or fall accordingly.

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ProRankTracker comes with a slew of SEO and research features, including the below:


A state-of-the-art rank-tracking algorithm provides you with accurate, up-to-date results on your keyword and website ranking, complete with daily updates on your ranking performance, broken down by time frame and location.

 Ease of Use and Comprehensive Tracking

Access the service from anywhere. No downloads or installs are required. You can even track organic desktop as well as mobile results on all of Google’s sites.

Comprehensive Reports

Create customized reports, graphs, and charts so you can easily see your SEO spend and ranking performance. You can also create visuals to better understand how well your competitors are doing and where you can improve your SEO and keyword strategies.

 Site Audits

The site audit tool helps you see how keywords are helping your sites, which sites are doing well using specific search terms, and which backlinks you should use to improve your placement on Google’s search engine results page.

ProRankTracker 2

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Interface and In Use

ProRankTracker’s UI and features have been carefully designed to allow for quick, easy, and effortless access to all of the software’s functions. You can use customizable groups, tags, and saved filters to quickly change how data is broken down and shown in graphs and charts, and you can categorize and order your results based on simplicity or complexity, depending on how much data you want to see.

The way rankings are organized is especially impressive. You can break down your data based on many different parameters, including search term, platform, language in use, overall rank, or specific tags. In addition, you can very quickly, with just a few clicks, dive into the data you want to see or reorder it to highlight trends and uncover potential issues.

ProRankTracker 3

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Regardless of your plan, you can submit a helpdesk ticket request at any time of the day for immediate support regarding any question, issue, or request you have. You can also reach the support team via live chat or on Skype for a 1-on-1 meeting with a dedicated account manager.

ProRankTracker also has a huge knowledge base with FAQs for answers to any service-related problems you may have. There are also video tutorials available that show you step by step how to perform specific tasks or use individual features.

The Competition

Two services comparable to ProRankTracker are SEMRush and HubSpot Marketing. Here is how the three of them compare:


ProRankTracker’s basic plan starts at $25 per user per month, and HubSpot’s entry-level plan costs $50 per user per month, making both these applications suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. SEMRush charges almost $100 per user per month for the basic plan and comes with more functionality for higher-level plans, making it ideal for larger businesses.

 Business Setting

ProRankTracker is ideal for small and mid-size companies (up to 1,000 users). HubSpot’s services are geared more towards startups and small companies, and most of their customers are businesses with fewer than 50 people. SEMRush is designed for use by professionals, and it supports deployments for 1,000+ users. It is a great tool for the likes of professional marketing departments and public relations agencies.

 User interface

ProRankTracker and HubSpot have very clean and easy-to-use user interfaces. Sort your data, apply filters, or break down search terms with just a few clicks. SEMRush, by comparison, is a little clunky and can look somewhat cluttered, and many users have said it is sometimes difficult to find certain filters and features when you first start using the product.

Final Verdict

ProRankTracker has tried to position itself as the go-to SEO and keyword research tool for businesses of all sizes, but it lacks a few features that large companies would need, such as link management and integration with Google Analytics. However, its research services, ease of use, and site audit features have made it the preferred SEO tool of thousands of global clients, and it does a great job of helping you take your search ranking initiatives to the next level.

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