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Face ID works on the iPhone XR (Image: Apple) [PurchaseCriterion:DisplayThe iPhone XS and XS Max both use an OLED display that provides a higher-contrast display and support for HDR. If you like to consume HDR media via the device, the iPhone XR is out of the box. Both OLED models also offer a higher pixel density.

However, the display of the iPhone XR is equally high quality and is in many cases most of the users. In terms of color fastness and brightness, Apple provides more or less equality of arms on all devices.

Purchase criterion: Display size (and 3D Touch)

Is the display size decisive for you? Then there is good news. All three devices offer plenty of space. Especially more space compared to previous generations of iPhone 8, 7 and below. Even the iPhone XR uses much more of the display.

One feature missing from the display of the iPhone XR is “3D Touch”. However, this is a feature that many users barely use and is poorly supported by app developers. In addition, it can be simulated by holding down. So no functionality is lost.

Display Details

  • Size: 5.8 inches (XS), 6.5 inches (XS Max), 6.1 inches (XR)
  • Technology: OLED (XS , XS Max), LCD (XR)
  • Resolution: 2436 x 1125 (XS), 2688 x 1242 (XS Max), 1792 x 828 (XR)
  • Pixel Density: 458 ppi (XS, XS Max), 326 ppi (XR)
  • HDR: Only for XS and XS Max
  • 3D Touch: Not for the XR
  • Brightness: typically 625 cd / qm

Purchase Criterion: Camera

In the front camera, equality of arms prevails Both the iPhone XS and the XS Max the better camera on the back. Because it integrates a camera with wide-angle “and” telephoto lens and also includes a 2x optical zoom.

But here too, the iPhone XR uses a “simpler” camera, but also offers Smart HDR for photos, the same true Tone LED flash and the same wide-angle camera with F / 1.8 aperture. You will not get a bad camera with the device. If you take snapshots and have no ambitions as a creator, the quality of the shots is often enough for you.

Purchase Criterion: Battery Life

Did you know? The battery life is clearly the iPhone XR at an advantage. Because it offers just as much talk time (25 hours) as the XS Max and allows a longer Internet use (15 hours) and video playback (16 hours). When playing audio (65 hours), it is also on par with the XS Max.

If you also consider that you get the best battery life with the “cheapest” device in the field, the device scores points here for the price-performance ratio

Purchase criterion: memory

Another criterion for the purchase is the memory. Some users think that you can never have enough. Others think: I do not need it anyway. By the time you save a lot of photos, videos, and documents on the device, you’ll need it.

But “more” memory is available on the iPhone XS and XS Max. Apple will be offering models with 64, 256, and 512 GB of memory later this month , The iPhone XR gives you “only” 64, 128 or 256 GB.

Purchase Criterion: Water Resistance

In fact, it might be important to you how waterproof your new iPhone should be. At this point, iPhone XS and XS Max with IP68 compared to the iPhone XR with “only” IP67 have a small advantage. The XS models can even fall into a swimming pool and stay there for some time without breaking it afterwards. For the iPhone XR, it might just be the bathtub or the sink. Hopefully your device will not fall into the water if you do not want it.

Purchase criterion : Individuality

What do we mean by individuality? In fact, with the iPhone XS and XS Max, you get “nobler” materials (stainless steel frames versus aluminum) in relatively “classy” color combinations (Silver, Space Gray, Gold).

However, with the iPhone XR you can choose a lot more colors You might like more. These are Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral and PRODUCT (RED) Red. Along with clear protective covers, the devices become real splashes of color that belies advertising spots of the competition that ridiculed the uniformity of Apple’s products.

Purchase Criterion: Price and Availability

Do not forget the price and yours own patience. Because if you like the latest technology from Apple, then you get the new iPhone XS and XS Max in September. However, you have to wait until the end of October for the iPhone XR.

Of course, the price also plays a role. The iPhone XR is available from 849 euros, the iPhone XS, however, from 1,149 euros and the XS Max even from 1,249 euros. For $ 909 you already get an iPhone XR with 128GB of memory.


If you just took snapshots with the camera record, and the display is just so semi-important, it probably depends only on your patience. Can you wait for the latest iPhone by the end of October? Then the iPhone XR is probably your smartphone. In fact, it offers more color and even the best battery life.

However, if you put more emphasis on higher quality materials, a refined look and, above all, a better camera and an OLED display with much better contrast, then it probably pays off the extra charge. You only have to ask XS or XS Max? Our tip: Print or paint the device’s shape on a sheet of paper using information from Apple’s website. Cut it out and compare. A large display can have advantages, and the XS Max offers more battery life, but it’s also not very good for your pocket.

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