Rainz’s Seo Sung Hyuk collapses from fatigue

According to reports on October 7, Rainz‘s member Seo Sung Hyuk collapsed on the evening of October 5 at approximately 9PM KST, and was sent to the hospital due to fatigue.

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Currently, the former ‘Produce 101‘ season 2 trainee is preparing for his debut in the project group Rainz, as well as appearing in web drama ‘3AM in the Morning 2‘. 

Below is Rainz’s official statement:

“Rainz’s Seo Sung Hyuk is currently resting in his hospital room. Seo Sung Hyuk went to the emergency room on October 5 at 9PM KST during practice, after collapsing due to fatigue. He is now receiving medical treatment, and there will be no issues with his overall health, nor Rainz’s debut schedule.”

Feel better soon, Sung Hyuk!

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