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Randash Auto Center’s Dealer Spike Website
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This dealership launched a website with Dealer Spike in November 2018 and has seen an estimated 44% increase in leads in just a few short months.


Bozeman, Montana, March 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Randash Auto Center of Bozeman, Montana has been in business since 2007 and is known as a “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealership. “It’s a niche market,” explains Mac Palin, Marketing Director. “We work with people who have been turned down by other dealerships and haven’t been able to find financing. We are able to get them into a quality car and help them start building or rebuilding credit.”

Over the last eleven years, the dealership has been steadily growing in the Bozeman community. Owned by Chad Randash, whose father opened the original Randash Auto Center, the dealership is a family-owned business and the dealership treats customers like family too. Palin says that people often come in from up to seventy miles away to purchase a car, because the dealerships located closer won’t accept them. “No matter your credit situation, we’re willing to work with you – that has always been our mission statement,” says Palin. “Even our logo is the ‘Credit Superhero.’ We’ll help you set up affordable payments.”

For this reason and others, Palin believes that “almost everyone” is looking at the dealership website before coming into the store. “People want to make sure that the vehicle they want is here before they come in…especially if they are coming in from far away. We need to make sure that they can get everything they can – all the pre-approvals and such – before they get here.”

With the dealership’s website being of utmost importance, Palin had quite the task in front of him when he joined the team as Marketing Director. “When I first came to Randash Auto Center, we were with a different website provider and they were not as easy to work with,” says Palin. He explains that even for a small edit request, such as a typing error, he would need to call his provider and wait up to two full days to see the update. “If there’s a problem on our website…that means we’re giving false information. It’s bad marketing. And we’re liable for that.” One of the big draws of Dealer Spike was the ability to easily edit the website using the back-end tool. Palin also says that it’s nice to have both the dealership’s website and additional digital marketing services managed under one roof, rather than using separate third-party companies.

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Even before partnering with Dealer Spike, Palin knew the importance of having a responsive website – he estimates that over 60% of customers visit the Randash Auto Center website via smartphone. It would be detrimental to lose those customers due to a website that didn’t function correctly on a mobile device. “The best place to bring in leads is by funneling them through the website,” Palin says. “It’s especially important in the auto industry that a website is welcoming and looks good and gives all the information you need about the vehicles.”

As Marketing Director, Palin puts in the additional effort it takes to maintain social media platforms, noting that he feels it is important for customers to be able to find the dealership on these sites. Many customers come to the dealership site directly from Facebook. He also believes that people continue to engage and return to his website due to their social media presence. Palin has an on-site blog both to educate customers and for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes as well. His team recently signed on with Dealer Spike’s SEO services to further increase rankings on search engines and help more customers find his business.

Palin and his team have had a great experience with Dealer Spike since launching in November 2018. “My boss and I are picky, and Dealer Spike has worked with us one hundred percent to make sure we are happy with the site,” says Palin. “I’ve never felt like I did with our previous web provider…I know that if I need anything, I can just give my Customer Solutions representative a call and we can get it figured out. It’s not stressful for me.”

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In addition to the ease of use of the site and his positive experience with Dealer Spike team members, the site has also driven impressive results for the business. Palin estimates that prior to Dealer Spike, his team got between 160-180 leads per month – in February 2019 the dealership received 245 unique leads. “If people are looking for a great website for their dealership, they should look into Dealer Spike,” says Palin.

Randash Auto Center is located in Bozeman, Montana. With over thirty years of experience and thousands of customers served, Randash Auto Center offers a professional and highly trained staff and some of the best vehicles customers can find. The dealership is known for helping a wide range of people who have bankruptcy, no credit, poor credit, and even repossessions to finance reliable transportation at terms they can afford.

 Dealer Spike is focused on driving online leads and in-store sales for dealerships in eight industries. The company provides powerful and distinctive web solutions and tools to thousands of dealers worldwide. Dealer Spike’s expertise comes from real-world dealership experience and a passion for listening and responding to dealers’ needs.

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