Rate Card: How Much Social Influencers Charge Brands

How much are influencers charging brands to post content to social media? How do those rates vary by follower count, social network, and content type?

To find out, Klear surveyed more than 2,500 influencers around the world on what they charge brands to post to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The researchers divided the responses into four groups based on follower count: Nano (500-5K followers), Micro (5K-30K), Power (30K-500K), and Celebrity (500K+).

Influencer pricing varies widely depending on follower count, the analysis found.

For example, Nano influencers charge $100 for a branded Instagram post, on average, whereas Celebrity influencers charge $2,085, on average.


Influencer pricing also varies based on location.

A sponsored social post costs $475 in the United States, on average, and $315 in Italy, on average.


Industry vertical also plays an important role in influencer pricing.

For example, a travel-related influencer post costs $5,335, on average, whereas an entertainment-related influencer post costs $353, on average.

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey of more than 2,500 influencers around the world.

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