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Network operators remain the largest revenue generators at the center of the tech industry’s value chain. Yet, they are not capturing the true value of society’s digital transformation, despite their central role in creating it. With tremendous pressure from new business models that offer fierce pricing competition, network operators face an increase in the cost of the traditional customer experience and a decrease in the lifetime value of consumers who are ready to switch to whoever offers the best prices. 

In all of this, network operators have some inherent advantages—direct relationships with a broad customer base, and extensive proprietary data sets on customer behavior, location, and purchase history. Armed with this, they have the opportunity to emerge as leaders. How? By building digitally native customer journeys and experiences. 

What does this mean for telcos? 

Take the digital journey to a more personal level

Most telcos are creating apps that empower customers with notifications and alerts to help them manage their accounts—all experiences that today’s customers expect from modern brands. What’s needed is to take the digital journey to a more personalized level. Customers expect the right interaction, at the right time, with the right offer, in an omnichannel format. Telcos that deliver on this inspire purchases, drive loyalty, and engagement. 

How can you get started? 

Localytics has developed a Digital Customer Journey Map that helps Telco marketers visualize the path customers might experience through each digital touchpoint. This map enables you to craft truly personalized experiences, delivered in a full calendar year. 

It helps answer questions, such as:

  • What offers or content will be of most interest to customers based on the path they have taken through your digital landscape?  
  • What communication can your telco provide in guiding customers to paths of increasing value, higher engagement, or frictionless customer service?  
  • Should that communication reach them at a personalized time, or triggered by an in-app behavior, or in response to an external event in your stores or geographic locations?

Learn more about reimagining the digital customer journey at your telco. 

Download our ebook: Reimagining the Customer Journey


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