Revamp your Campaigns with Attractive Text Styling [Infographic]

The evolution of email marketing has happened on a fast track and marketers are battling hard to keep their subscribers engaged in their emails. Boring and monotonous emails do not grab people’s attention anymore. With waves of emails flooding the customers’ inbox and their reduced attention span, it is necessary that you grab eyeballs with something attractive and appealing.

Moreover, most email clients block images by default from first-time senders and in such cases, the subscribers will only see the text content before anything else. Hence, it is necessary that the text and font styles you use in your emails are appealing enough. To amp up the look and feel of the emails, brands use attractive typography in emails.
Using typography and text styling not only gives a cleaner look to the email but also improves the engagement level. However, there are a few pitfalls related to typography.

All email clients do not support custom fonts, and hence while planning to use custom fonts, one must make sure it looks and renders the same in majority of email clients. Custom fonts are supported in AOL Mail, Native Android Mobile App, Apple Mail, iOS Mail, Outlook 2000, and Safari Browser and hence can be used lavishly to style your emails for these email clients.

The most widely used fonts in emails are:

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  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Monogram
  • Calligraphy

Of these, the Serif and Sans Serif have greater readability when used in paragraphs and are thus the most preferred ones for emails. A good practice to make sure the fonts render effectively across all major email clients is to set fallback fonts that match the primary custom font. Experiment with different combinations of font style, size, colors, and white space.

To know more about the various types of fonts and selecting the right fonts for your business emails, check out the infographic by EmailMonks: Typography in Emails, which takes you through the mystical world of typefaces and fonts in email.

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