Ryan Clutter of Horizon Media on Google Core Updates & More SEO

In our first ever vlog as part of the Search Engine Roundtable vlog series, I interviewed Ryan Clutter (@RyanClutt). Ryan is the Senior SEO Analyst at Horizon Media and full service marketing agency with an estimated billings of $8 billion and over 2,000 employees.

Note: Keep in mind that this my first run at the vlog, I am still getting use to using the camera and being comfortable with this format. It should get a lot better over time. I did the editing myself on this video but I think the next video, next Monday will be edited by someone more professional. I know there are audio issues and other things I can improve but I am asking to drop feedback in the comments on how to improve these.

In episode one I took you around the Horizon Media office, showed you some views outside of the office and then of the Freedom Tower in NYC. I then asked Ryan about his history in SEO, the types of projects he works on at Horizon and the types of clients he manages. We then talked about his day-to-day as the Senior SEO Analyst at Horizon Media and the tools he uses. Then we jumped into talking about Google algorithm updates, EAT, machine learning, the diversity update, the transparency around those updates and so on. We even talked about what he thinks is the future for our industry and SEO.

Here is the video:

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