SAP + Qualtrics – Why Did They Do It?

SAP released a compilation video (below) featuring SAP CEO Bill McDermott and Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith that really sums up well why SAP is acquiring Qualtrics:

Bill McDermott: First it’s an honor to team up with Brian Smith, a great CEO, and an inspirational leader. We couldn’t be prouder of our relationship with Qualtrics.

Ryan Smith: This is a once in a generation opportunity and we’re gonna change the whole face of enterprise technology with this combination.

Bill McDermott: SAP is the fastest growing cloud company in the large-scale business software industry while Qualtrics is the fastest growing business software company in the experience management space. If you combine those two forces you have a juggernaut of cloud growth.

Ryan Smith: There are two types of data. You have operational data which is telling you what’s going on and what just happened. These are your analytics, this is your CRM product, this is your HCM product. Then you have experienced staff which allows us to get human sentiment in the moment to understand the why, how someone feels. SAP owns the operation systems from end-to-end, we own the experience systems from end-to-end. The ability to combine those and have one single view will transform the way we even think about CRM as we know it.

SAP + Qualtrics - Why Did They Do It?Bill McDermott: We want to be the jet fuel that propels them to 193 countries with the biggest business software sales go-to-market force in the world in 25 industries, small, mid, and large alike. Every customer should know that X-Data and O-Data are together now.

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Ryan Smith: We are fired up today is a new beginning and with all the resources from SAP, we’re super excited for that.

Bill McDermott: And the loyalty effect is what the experienced management of Qualtrics and the operational data of SAP drive. So X-Data, experience, and O-Data, what’s going on in the operations, put that together, you could inspire everyone in the company to take care of everyone outside the company.

Ryan Smith: I could not be more excited to work with SAP, McDermott, all of the SAP family. The Qualtrics family is excited and we’re going to go do something legendary.

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