Save Up to 35% on Tax Prep with H&R Block

Although the filing deadline for federal taxes has been pushed back to July 15th, many small businesses will still be filing in April. Additionally, many states have not pushed back their filing deadlines. So even if your business isn’t filing federal taxes right away, you may still need to compile your state returns quickly.

Whether you plan on filing your state, federal, or both returns this month, H&R Block has a variety of services to help you through this challenging year with discounts ranging from 25-35% off.

Many Ways to File

H&R Block offers multiple tax filing options that small businesses can use. For those that want to prepare their own returns, the company offers the ability to file online with 25% off or by using their desktop software with 35% off. There’s also an Online Assist option that allows users to easily access answers from a tax pro when needed.

For those who want to have their taxes prepared for them, H&R Block still offers a number of customizable options. You can work with a tax pro remotely by uploading your documents online. You can drop off your tax documents to your local office, or you can still meet with a tax pro at a brick and mortar location if those in your local community are still open.

Discover the services H&R Block offers to help your small business:

Learn More

Interested in filing with H&R Block? The company offers a wide array of options, even during these challenging times. From DIY options you can complete in the comfort of your own home to having a local tax pro complete your returns for you, here’s a rundown of each specific option.

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File Online or with Desktop Software

For the DIY tax filer, you can simply file online at or via desktop software. These options walk you through the process so you can input all of your information and file both state and local returns quickly. This option is always available to small businesses, but may be even more pertinent for some now given the stringent social distancing guidelines around the country.

File with Online Assist

File online with on-demand, expert help at your fingertips through H&R Block’s Online Assist. This is the perfect option for those who want to file on their own but may have questions throughout the process. It’s basically a middle ground between DIY and working with a tax professional.

Work with a Tax Pro Remotely

H&R Block also gives clients the option to work with a tax pro remotely through its Tax Pro Go service. This is ideal for those who would normally have their taxes prepared by a tax professional during an in-person meeting. However, with social distancing in mind, you can now simply visit to upload your relevant documents and let a tax pro prepare your return for you. This gives you access to the same easy experience without having to actually visit a physical office.

Drop Off your Tax Documents

If you want the help of a tax pro without having to file online OR wait in-store, take advantage of H&R Block’s drop-off service (with or without an appointment.) Simply drop-off your tax documents at your local office and the tax pros will do the work for you. They will call with any questions and even let you review and approve the return electronically so you don’t need to hang around the office.

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For a Better Deal, Choose Block

Regardless of which option you choose, you can’t go wrong by filing your taxes with H&R Block. The company offers a maximum refund guaranteed, so you can feel confident about optimizing the value of your return. They also offer more free filing thresholds and are always at least $10 cheaper than TurboTax. Finally, Block clients always have access to expertise from tax professionals, even during trying times. The company’s tax pros are still on call now to answer your questions online and in many brick and mortar locations, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Don’t wait to take advantage of H&R Block’s help during this challenging tax season.

Start Filing

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