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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Bangkok, Apr 8, 2019 ( – Sawadee Solutions, a complete digital solutions service based in Bangkok, has launched with the aim of assisting the thousands of small businesses across Thailand with affordable web design, hosting, and SEO services. As the number of entrepreneurs continues to rapidly grow around Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy, the competition for establishing and maintaining an online presence is becoming fiercer every day.

Unfortunately, for many Thai business owners, the cost of designing, hosting, and maintaining a website is too high, with many not possessing the technical skills to get their business online by themselves. This leaves them in a limbo of trying to sell through friends or their personal social media accounts, struggling to make ends meet.

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However, Sawadee Solutions is offering small business owners a unique opportunity to bring their business into the digital age at significantly cheaper prices than the market rate. The service is built on a personal approach, with every client receiving tailored options to suit their business needs and budget.

“We noticed that small business ownership is flourishing across Thailand at the moment”, said Shea Robinson, Co-Founder at Sawadee Solutions, “However, many of these small businesses struggle to understand the importance of a digital presence and either stall or fail due to a lack of identity online. We want to help Thai entrepreneurs prosper in this ever-growing economy”.

In addition, Sawadee Solutions is providing its services to business-minded students who want to put their course skills into action and run a business alongside their studies. Photography students, videography students, journalism students, and many other students studying for Arts Degrees can easily create a side business or display their work in a beautiful online portfolio which can be used to gain freelance clients.

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“Many university students across Thailand work alongside their studies either selling goods or using their skills to work as a freelancer”, said Shea Robinson, Co-Founder at Sawadee Solutions, “But their income is usually limited to providing the goods or services to people in their immediate circles. We are offering them an opportunity to create the foundations of a strong business or gain additional freelance clients through an affordable digital presence package.”

While many other digital agencies target companies for short-term relationships, Sawadee Solutions aims to establish long-term bonds with clients and assist in making small business ventures successful online. Anyone can contact Sawadee Solutions for a free quote or consultation to see how the newest digital service in Thailand can help to propel your business to the next level.  

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