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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure adopted which helps to bring forth the name of the website in the result page of the search engines. It is a clever method which aims towards promotion of the website and improving the website ranking in the search results. Off page optimization includes tasks which are performed outside the website’s barriers. The search engines have been working for generations now, to provide the searcher with the best results. Things like Blog marketing, Forum, Article submission and social networking account as Off page SEO. Off page optimization generally, helps to build links. There are various SEO Off page optimization tools which help to enhance the websites’ rankings in the search results. Here are some of the tools which aid in Off page optimization:

1) Link Building:

It is considered to be one of the clever ways to deal with Off page optimization. It is the process of building external links within the boundaries of your websites. Its main motive is to link the website to as many links as possible so that they get a vote in a way to increase the ranking of the website. Moreover, you can visit LinkOkay for easy tracking and monitoring of your link building process.

Here are the ways by which Link building can be improved.

•    Forum Signature: There are various forums such that commenting on them will redirect you to the website and will leave the link in your signature, increasing its popularity.

•    Blog Directories: They are featured in yellow such that a click on them will redirect you to the entry page of the website

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•    Comment Link: Much like the forum signature, commenting on a site will redirect you to the website and leave the link in your comments

•    Shared Content Directories: Certain websites will allow you to have your content published on them and in exchange will enable you to add links to your content.

•    Article Directories: A backlink to your respective website is provided when you wish to publish an article on a certain website.

2) Blogging:

Blogging is considered to be one of the smartest ways to increase the ranking and hence the popularity of your website. When you write a blog for your website, you actually aid the customers in visiting your website regularly. They would visit the website to stay up to date with the blog, however, this will simply increase the visitor’s count of the website thereby improving its ranking in the search results. As you keep on updating your blogs, the search engines will themselves creep into your site to keep their results updated, which is another method by which blogging can improve the ranking of your page. Remember original content has its distinct place in increasing the popularity of the website.

3) Social Networking:

Social networking is basically the boon in the world of Seo Off Page optimization. All you need to do is simply engage your website with your social networking profile or create a separate page for it. It’s assured that people will tumble on the page and obtain knowledge about your website. A majority of them will definitely open your website, thereby increasing its popularity. When you monitor your company/brand’s website page on a social media, you can engage large number of public. With a good strategy, you are good to go.

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4) Social Bookmarking:

It is yet another brilliant technique which is used as an optimization tool and attracts a great deal of traffic. All you need to do is promote your blogs not only on your site but on other popular websites which already have a huge traffic. Since these sites are already famous, it is likely for the search engines to update their search content about that particular website much faster. Moreover, these sites are given much preference by the search engines since they update their content quite frequently.  However, you need to be well trained to handle this website and should possess complete knowledge of the various tags which can be added along with your blog and the ones which will make them eye-catchy and will hence bring traffic onto your website. Your effectiveness solely decides the amount of traffic you will be attracting.

5) Question and Answers

The question and answers websites help greatly in increasing the popularity of the websites. All you need to do is search for such a site and then look up for the questions related to your brand/ company. Answer them to the best of your knowledge. You have to attach a link to your website to your answer. The better your answer, more people are expected to explore it and then visit the website mentioned. This will definitely bring traffic onto your website.


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