How to get found by your audience in the right context in the right geography.

Remember the days when the only way people would find your business was through Yellow Pages? That was a long long time back. Now they go to the internet. But what does that mean for your business? You would not only want them to find you but find you in the right context. So your online presence needs to be set up to for the right searches but also for the right location, right? How do you go about doing that in a cost effective way?

Well, it is a good thing that we have Manny (Emmanuel Xidias) to break it down for us. He is the friendly face you get to meet when you go to BiggerFish Marketing. They are the local online and print media marketing gurus. BiggerFish has earned a reputation for response-generating programs, superior service and dedicated partnerships.

Please join us for this exciting program at the Fords Branch Library on Tuesday, Janauary 21, 2020 @ 6:30 PM. This program is free but requires tickets. Please visit for free tickets.