Self-Flying War Vehicle Coming to the USA (Learn More, Multi-Video)

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(See a demonstration of an Cormorant CasEvac Loading. Courtesy of Urban Aeronautics and YouTube. Posted on May 24, 2018)

It is anticipated the initial implementation for civilian and manned Fancraft™ will be mainly for urban rescue and medical evacuation.

The design, however, allows for tailor-made modifications that adapt the aircraft to an unlimited variety of tasks.

Examples include utility work (i.e. power line maintenance or bridge inspection), civil policing and intra-urban or ship-to-shore taxi service, to name just a few.

Urban Aeronautics logoFounded and headed by Dr. Yoeli, UrbanAero has established an early lead in developing a compact VTOL vehicle with no exposed rotors that is tailored to meet FAA requirements for powered lift vehicles and also capable of flying and operating inside complex urban and natural environments.

With over 35 years experience in aerospace research and development, Dr. Yoeli has assembled a world-class team, which works with him to realize his vision for developing one of the last areas of aviation remaining to be pioneered: “Rotorless” Vertical Take Off & Landing aircraft.

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