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You may have heard the term before: email verification. 

What does it really mean?

And, for an e-commerce business, is it something you really need? I’m here to tell you what it is, why you need it, and how it’ll transform your email marketing.

For any e-commerce business, an email address is an extremely viable asset; emails connect you with existing and potential customers to sell a product, announce promotions, and more.

While it may seem like the more addresses on your list the better, removing bad emails from your list will save you time and money in the long run.

Sending email marketing campaigns to fake or undeliverable addresses will result in your emails bouncing. Over time, high bounce rates will cause email providers to view your emails as spam, damaging your sender reputation and causing your email campaigns to end up in the spam folder.

Once your sender reputation is tarnished, it can be very difficult to repair. When emails land in spam, the real people on your list won’t see your campaigns, resulting in low open-rates, low click-through rates, and, most upsettingly, low ROI.

So how does email verification benefit you?

The good news is that by verifying your email list prior to sending, you can remove the liability presented by undeliverable email addresses, and the havoc they wreak on your email campaigns.

Email verification solutions provide detailed information on the health of your list and allow e-commerce businesses to remove bad addresses and focus on connecting with real customers, and send more successful email marketing campaigns altogether.

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Understanding which emails on your list are real, which are undeliverable, and which are risky, will allow you as a business owner to make an informed decision on who is receiving your email campaigns.

While verifying your list is a great first step, it is important that you continue to reverify as you expand your customer base and grow your email list.

Nearly 2% of your email list goes bad every month, which adds up to around 25% of your list decaying annually. 

Infrequently cleaning your email list provides the same risks to your sender reputation and inbox placement, which is why many email verification services recommend verifying your list anytime you’re about to hit send.

How Blaze Verify & Sendlane work together

One email verification solution that makes verifying, and reverifying, incredibly user-friendly and affordable is Blaze Verify. Blaze Verify’s solutions go beyond just cleaning your list, they provide detailed information on the health of your data, including an email quality score for each address on your list, along with name and gender information when available.

Additionally, Blaze Verify provides a 98% deliverability guarantee, so users can be fully confident in the results that they receive.

To make the whole process remarkably easy, Blaze Verify’s partnership with Sendlane enables users to seamlessly import, and later export, your lists directly from Sendlane into your Blaze Verify dashboard. The integration with Sendlane saves time and the extra hassle of cleaning your email list.

The best part? Integrating Sendlane and Blaze Verify only takes a few minutes.

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Click here to start set up this integration and start sending smarter emails.

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