SEO Geek has Launched SEO Courses in Singapore

SEO and Marketing agency, SEO Geek has launched SEO courses in Singapore on October 12 and 13, 2019. The Singapore government has confirmed SEO Geek as a skillful approved vendor to conduct classes for Singapore people with a $500 subsidy from the government.

SEO Geek has conducted two full-day classes to teach students about how to set up an SEO campaign and how to monitor an SEO campaign. The digital marketing agency has also taught about On-Site SEO Skills, Off-Site SEO skills and how to design SEO strategy.

People who are above 25 and want to learn Digital Marketing skills, enjoyed a $500 grant from the government. They learned something useful that can help them to make a bright future.

Digital marketing is the fastest-growing industry which is the highest in demand skills globally.  Search engine optimization class Singapore is a smart nation initiative that will allow people to become more digital and marketing targeted. Learning about digital marketing is the best skill and one can handle many future challenges with its knowledge.

Tommy Koh is the trainer of SEO Geek. He interacted with the learners and taught them about the foundation to start SEO journey. Online research for newer skills and tricks through Google updates will make the learning journey more useful during the courses.

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