SEO Mythbusting Video On The Future Of The Web

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Martin Splitt had a chat with his colleague at Google Dion Almaer the Director of Web Development Ecosystem about SEO and the future of the web. It was an interesting high level chat that talked about PWA/desktop site/AMP, tools, web components and virtual scroller compatible and assistant devices. Oh and we finally found out that it is iced tea in that pitcher.

Here is the video:

Here is what was covered:

  • The same content in multiple versions, PWA/desktop site/AMP/etc. vs Google Search and SEO (2:19)
  • Current & future web & SEO tool integration (Google & third parties) (4:50)
  • The “unknown” variables & search performance (7:32)
  • Are web components and virtual scroller compatible with SEO? (10:06)
  • The future of assistants, and semantic & structured data (12:38)

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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