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It can be overwhelming to start developing Search Engine Optimization plans for your small business. When it comes to producing high ranking content to improve your organization’s visibility, you don’t necessarily need to hire an expert. 

In this article, we’ll go over fifteen tips that you can use to improve your SEO. These are all simple and free for you to implement. With some time and practice, they’re easy to master.

Start a Blog

If you start creating content for your customer base, they’ll have a reason to visit your page other than solely the products or services that you’re selling. Write to your audience to enhance your content marketing. 

Place the Customer First

A well-developed SEO plan goes further than keyword research. Try not to cram content and target words into your content; this won’t improve your ranking. Aim to produce pages that are interesting and relevant. Search engines matter, but your priority is your customer base. 

Set Up Social Pages

An excellent way for businesses to build on their online presence is to set up profiles on relevant social networking sites. Make sure your company has an account on all of the major platforms. It might take some experimenting to find the sites that work best for you, but it’ll be worth it. 

Use a Clear URL Structure

Your site visitors should be able to guess the topic of your website pages by merely looking at the URL.

Write Content That Stays Fresh

The content that your business site features should be ‘evergreen,’ you’ll want visitors to be able to come back to your site and find relevant content at any point. New’s based articles, on the other hand, serve a different purpose other than SEO. 

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Research Competitors

Friendly competition never hurts. Check out your competitors, especially the ones who rank number one for your target keywords. See if you can identify their strategy and use it to help you in developing your own. 

Use Google Resources

Google’s Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for generating the best keywords for your business. You’ll also be able to see how competitive they are. Take advantage of this resource to make your SEO research a little bit easier. 

Create an Internal Linking Strategy

If you know how to make use of internal linking, it can really help improve your ranking, especially for specific target keywords. This is also a useful way to help your visitors find related content. 

Don’t Keyword Stuff

If you pack your content with keywords so that it’s unnatural, Google will pick up on it. This is also bad practice because visitors will notice the awkwardness, and it affects the overall quality of the content. If you need to repeat a phrase, use semantically related words.

Use Site Search Data to Find Keywords

Type the name of your business into the search bar to see what keywords people use to come across your service. This can help you identify the most productive targets. 

Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

Encourage satisfied customers to leave good reviews. If you have many, it results in more visibility on Google. 

Mobile First

Since more than half of users today access the content they need through their phones or tablets, it’s essential to optimize your web presence for mobile. This will help Google indicate to potential visitors that your site is ‘mobile-friendly’.

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Google Analytics

It’s essential that you have Google Analytics set up for your business. Make sure you’ve installed a tracking code, it’s quick, easy, and free. 


When it comes to optimizing your images, make sure that they all have alt-tags on them. Include natural keywords in the filename. 

Prioritize All of Your Content

Your business will rank well on search engines if you produce good content. The best way to ensure that your site and your pages are relevant is to give people a reason to visit. Prioritize all of your content, both visual and written.

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The Verdict

With these tips in mind and some research, it’s easy to improve your SEO for your small business. Try not to obsess over rankings, since they’re fluid and change depending on the searcher’s location, device, and history. As long as you keep track of trends and regularly work to improve your content, this marketing strategy is a breeze.

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