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On this edition of Fizzle Friday, we welcome Brendan Hufford, longtime Fizzle member and SEO wizard! He details his evolving entrepreneurial journey, doing SEO his way, and illustrates what his success has looked like over the years.

We discuss Brendan’s numerous business ventures and how he has pivoted several times and describes life at the agency where he spends most of his time. He has found a sweet spot between his talents and passions representing another example of someone who has created a sustainable lifestyle doing something he cares about.

Today on the show we are also joined by Fizzle regulars, Jen Rao and Joe Kerns to take part in the discussion! This Friday episode is the first part of two and in next week’s episode, we will be doing a Q & A with Brendan and our panel, so make sure to catch that one as well!

Join us for this Fizzle Friday and hear it all!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This SEO Episode:

  • A little introduction to Brendan and his business! [0:02:50.6]
  • Brendan’s pivot from his jiu-jitsu based businesses around 2015. [0:06:12.3]
  • The agency where Brendan currently works. [0:12:30.2]
  • Hopes for the future and working for a better tomorrow. [0:15:40.1]
  • Combining two or more interests and finding success in where they overlap. [0:17:00.8]
  • Comparing an aligned hustle with a lifestyle full of context-switching and different work. [0:22:35.5]
  • The financial independence that allowed Brendan to buy a brand new van! [0:25:20.3]
  • Brendan’s 100 Days of SEO project and other things he is busy with. [0:27:10.8]
  • Advice from Brendan to entrepreneurs who feel unsure of their future. [0:29:35.5]
  • And much more!

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