Seven Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Holistic Strategies

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4. Blogs: Keywords are Key

Blogs are one of the most commonly used content marketing tools: According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of all B2B marketers publish blogs. Yet, many marketers question the effectiveness of their blogging efforts. That’s not surprising, because many blogs feature a seemingly random collection of posts that aren’t coordinated with other elements of their company’s marketing campaigns.

We’ve already discussed the role that social sharing buttons play with all of your content, including blogs. But blogging really shines as a search engine optimization (SEO) tool for your business. The key is to update your blog regularly (at least once a week – Google loves fresh content!) and to make judicious use of keywords in your blog posts.

Also, when a blog post references other content from your integrated campaigns, be sure to include a call to action (CTA) that moves your potential leads to the next step in the engagement process.

Tip: To practice holistic marketing, create an editorial calendar to coordinate your blogging with other new content, email marketing campaigns, webinars, product launches, and other key events. Too many B2B marketers assume they can keep an eye on their blog schedule without a formal calendar – and most of them are wrong.

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