Should you hire an SEO Agency or an SEO Freelancer?

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Are you looking for reliable SEO services for your online business? When you are searching for the best SEO services out there, you are provided with the option of choosing between hiring an SEO agency or going for services from a professional SEO freelancer. However, which is the right choice? Depending on your scale of business and respective SEO objectives, you can look forward to hiring SEO services from either an agency or a freelancer.

SEO is vital for any business out there. However, when you are running a startup organization or a small-scale business enterprise, it is a challenging task to maintain a proper, in-house SEO team for your business. At such times, hiring a reliable SEO agency or availing SEO services from an experienced freelancer turns out to be a viable solution. However, most of the business owners are confused between the two and find it difficult to determine the best options out of the two. If you are also skeptical about whether to hire an SEO agency or an SEO freelancer for your SEO solutions, in this post, we aim at helping you out with the same.

SEO Freelancer

Freelancers are available out there with all sorts of qualifications and experiences when it comes to delivering high-end SEO services to individuals or organizations. You can look forward to hiring off-shore SEO talent for a relatively low amount in international currency. Alternatively, you can hire an on-shore SEO professional for the domestic rates. If you decide to hire off-shore you need to be careful as freelancers might game you into paying extra for the given work. Moreover, it is also recommended to stay cautious of fake freelancer’s reviews and false promises made just to lure you into paying them more for the given project. However, you can also come across a wide number of truly experienced and qualified SEO freelancers –both off-shore as well as on-shore for your SEO objectives.

It has been a common observation that on-shore or domestic SEO freelancers tend to be more expensive in comparison to off-shore talents. While you might look out for hiring someone with the right SEO knowledge and relevant experience in the given field, the overall communication skills of the SEO specialist or freelancer is also another vital aspect that you should consider. When you wish to make the most of the SEO freelancer that you have hired, it is important to note that he or she is fluent in English and is able to understand the specific requirements of the given SEO project.

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When you hire SEO freelancers, the main problem with hiring them is that they often tend to charge for certain SEO-related tasks including building “n” number of links or writing “n” number of words or articles. While these factors come along with the SEO package, they still try charging extra for such services. Moreover, there is also a lack of coming up with a cohesive strategy that can help your business in achieving the desired ranking results. Due to this issue, most of the less experienced individuals or organizations end up losing the charm of the project as the desired results were not produced.

While hiring the SEO freelancers, it is also your duty to watch out for the utilization of black hat SEO techniques for your project. As the freelancers tend to be independent in their working structure, they are less accountable for your losses. This holds especially true when you tend to work with off-shore or overseas SEO talents. While the efforts made by such freelancers might spike the rankings of your site temporarily, Google’s algorithms might, however, catch the games that are being played and penalize your business for the same. While hiring freelancers might have its own set of demerits, there are several benefits to the same. One of the major benefits that you can have with an SEO freelancer is cost savings.

SEO Agency

When budget is not your major concern and the main focus is results and ROI, you can choose a renowned, professional SEO agency in London Like ClickSlice. Most of the leading SEO agencies tend to have a team of SEO specialists working for them. The SEO experts are known to have both off-site as well as on-site expertise in the field of delivering top-notch SEO results to the business owners. While hiring an SEO agency might imply a long-term project, still you can be assured of the best results for your SEO project or objectives. In contrast to the SEO freelancers, you might have to incur some additional costs of hiring an SEO agency at the same time.

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Most of the SEO agencies out there are known to be registered and licensed for offering reliable SEO services to the business organizations out there. As such, the specialists in the field of SEO here make use of the high-end White Hat SEO techniques to deliver the best results for your SEO project. When you are being delivered White Hat SEO techniques in the form of SEO services, you can expect better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic from all around. The SEO specialists of the leading SEO agencies also make sure that your site is not left out of the listings on the online platform.

SEO agencies might as well put your project on a retainer for certain months. This helps in ensuring proper time to observe the desired results. It prevents the brands out there from facing a sudden, unexpected reaction to give up too early in the given SEO project. When you have support from the right SEO agency, you will also receive regular updates and reports via email or phone communication to ensure the overall SEO performance.


When you have the right SEO strategy in place, you can go forward with choosing any option between an SEO agency and an SEO freelancer for your project.

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