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2 emotions exist in the Universe; love and fear.

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Love is real. Fear is illusion.

Of course we experience fear but if we trust our fears, honor fear and follow fear, we live a miserable life, because we believe in a hologram, a magic trick, an illusion.

This is why chasing blogging profits always leads to misery. A few unhappy folks get skilled at manipulating people into padding their pockets but remain miserable, because you never feel good if you do NOT do what you love doing. Most paper chasers struggle, fail and quit.

If you chase blogging profits you FEAR you have not enough money; fear is that illusory emotion, that misery-inducing energy, which is not real. Every blogger paper chaser feels not enough, lacking, as if money would make them feel whole, complete and happy, but nothing outside of you gives you lasting happiness.

Doing What You Love

I advise all bloggers do what they love doing, because this feels good. Work? Nope; it’s play. Work becomes the reward. Profits and traffic feel like a bonus; with or without ’em, you feel happy because you love what you do. Love is real. Doing what you love doing feels so good because you are here to do what you love doing. Reality. Truth. Joy. Plus doing what you love doing makes you:

  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • willing to practice writing
  • creative
  • prolific

all because you do not weigh yourself down with fear-based attachments to outcomes.

Peep each bullet point quality above; every one marks the qualities of happy, highly successful bloggers.

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Observe Paula at Contented Traveller. She genuinely enjoys what she does, blogging-wise. She loves circling the globe and sharing her experiences with her readers. Passion feels contagious. In a world of people weighed down by fear, humans obsessed with making money and status and getting access to health benefits, giving most of their existence to surviving, bloggers who love their gig shine in a major way.

Again and again, experienced online leaders like Alonzo Pichardo say to do something meaningful, that you enjoy doing, and do NOT overthink the money aspect of blogging. The money will come, often through referrals via folks who love your work, so you do not need to chase the money.

Few people care about someone who chases money because money is a meaningless, worthless endeavor, if you acquired money for the sole end to….acquire money. Are you Scrooge McDuck? Do you plan to swim in a pool of dubloons? Money is a means of exchange; chasing a means of exchange for that sole end leads to a worthless, unhappy life because genuine happiness is in giving, living and being, NOT in getting.

If I spent the past 10 years of my life feeling really crappy, just trying to get money, I’d have wasted 10 years because I chose to feel crappy. I spent the past 10 years feeling largely happy because I did what I loved doing – blogging and traveling – so it was time well-spent. Money, traffic and internet fame felt like bonuses or extras to me because I chased none of it. My prime intent is to have fun helping people with blogging as I circle the globe, because I love doing that. Every second I spend doing what I love to do is time well spent.

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I also get to travel the world as a neat by-product of being passionate about blogging.

I snapped this photo of our neighborhood this morning, here in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Added Bonus

If you do what you love to do, you love most of the ride and you eventually see the greatest worldly blogging success too, receiving a greater platform for helping folks through your blog.

I created this blogging course because readers wanted to know how I got featured on Virgin, Forbes, Fox News and Entrepreneur. Meanwhile, some bloggers and internet marketers with big names in their niches never got featured via major media outlets as I have, because they vibe too much from the fear-filled, greedy or desperate, paper-chasing energy. Do you think Richard Branson wants to feature a blogger who promises to get rich overnight? Nope. Richard Branson knows it takes years to build something meaningful, and to manifest wealth. He also knows you genuinely have to love what you do, to become highly successful. Naturally, his writers featured me, being someone genuinely passionate about blogging, and his writers passed on paper chasers.

Blog your passion. Do what you love. Success is yours. Plus you will love the ride.

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