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Among all the digital marketing tools, email marketing is the most effective strategy to personally build customer relations. More than half of the companies now implement email marketing to target their required audience. Moreover, email marketing has proven to be the best strategy for most of these companies. It also persuades other companies on the advantage of using it to reach the maximum amount of customers.

Meanwhile, when the year 2020 is just around the corner, email marketing is not thought to be the minus. A significant amount of trends and strategies follows up for the next year, which will further prove its stature as the best marketing tool in the digital world. Even though it requires small startup and requirements, email marketing entails regular planing for a company’s marketing plans. The quantum of the audience that is being targeted through this strategy is also on the continuous rise. With the help of the internet’s datamining abilities, companies target customers who need the services that they offer.

According to a survey by Marketo, about 94% of the people log in to check emails. It is easier to engage customers through email than blog posts and videos. Let us check out the following six tips to see how you can keep email marketing tactics relevant to the business growth in 2020.

The Subject of the Email

We all know the importance of the subject during email composition. A catchy subject for email marketing mostly attracts the users to open it with an interest. As they say, “The first impression is the last impression.”. The same is the case with email as well. Your subject makes your first impression in the minds of readers. This is why you should invest time in selecting the right combination of words for the subject of your email, which is about to travel into thousands of inboxes across the globe.

Moreover, the subject line should be clean and formatted formally so that the users don’t get confused. The use of capitalization and emojis must be avoided in all cases.

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Customer Privacy

Another important factor to keep up with email marketing is to ensure customer privacy through formal regulations like CAN-SPAM from 2003. With the recent update in the EU General Data Protection, it has become even more important for marketers to agree and ensure emails that do not affect customer privacy. Mostly customers’ data is used to target them with emails to sell products and services of their interest. It is required to use this data with proper agreement and protection standards.

Testing Beforehand

A good marketer never kicks off any emails without testing and modification. Mostly, first or second emails are never opened or read by customers. There is nothing worse about it, but the problem is with the subject. For email marketing, designing a catchy subject for the audience is very important. But one fact that should also be remembered is that changing the subject and details also changes your respective targeted customers. That is why testing email composition is important.

Apart from the testing and composition of emails, content personalization is also picking up a lot of heat lately. Personalized content has always proved to be a successful practice in email marketing. Additionally, even if the personalization is not a surprise in 2019, it will be leading significantly for most of the companies in the coming year. Personalization in an email marketing program is the process of targeting customers or subscribers with their own information on hand. The idea is to offer better opportunities and services as compared to the customer’s previous experiences.

Email Marketing with Pay Per Click

Now that we know the advantages and tactics to carry out email marketing. But once you run out of people to send the emails, it becomes hollow. Collecting new emails and then narrowing them down to the respective domain of your services sounds expensive. Purchasing new emails and rebooting the campaign sometimes leave the business into the dead alley. That’s where pay per click practice comes in handy.

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Pay per click is the digital marketing practice where the advertiser pays a specific amount based on the clicks on the ads. In general, it is the process of purchasing visits to your site.

Through this practice, the visitors can be allowed to fill different forms or download ebooks where they can subscribe through emails. This is the easiest way to fill the contact list of emails without even purchasing the whole new package.

Moreover, it allows targeting only those who paid the visit on your site. PPC companies in the USA enable you to generate a significant amount of traffic on your site without the hassle of trying out different search engine optimization tactics. Not only that, PPC packages are an easy way to kickstart the email marketing strategy.

User Engagement with Content

User engagement with content is another high-ranking strategy to prove effectiveness in email marketing. This type of content must include images, videos, gifs, and external links. Influencing customers with user-generated content has proved to be more successful than the static long reads.

Users quickly lose interest in emails that are odd and boring even if they are your regular customers. The idea is to incentivize customers with eye-catching and responsive content and show them how important they are.

Quality over Quantity

Quality always beats the quantity. Over the course of time, it is noticed that many companies make the mistake of making regular emails, which eventually start landing into the spam folder. The plan should be to make top-quality and engaging content rather than increasing the frequency of emails. Most users have to unsubscribe the newsletters because of too much frequency. Users value rare emails that show companies are interested in their customers.


Email Marketing is a quick-buck practice. To design a leads-filled future for a small business, email marketing is the way to go, even in the year 2020. Recent research explains that email marketing is more than 40% effective than generic social media practices. It demands nothing else but the right time and calculated strategy to show positive results.

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