SMS Surveys Are the Only Way to Get Customer Feedback

SMS surveys

We all want to grow our business. And a great way to grow your business is by keeping your customers happy and understanding why your unhappy customers are… unhappy. Getting customer feedback is imperative to give you the understanding of what your business is good at and where it needs to improve. It will also give you a greater understanding of your customer, what they like and dislike.

However getting this information can be tricky. It’s usually either very time consuming, costly or inconvenient for the business or customers. Often survey methods are simply ignored by customers, they haven’t got time or don’t want to talk to anyone, however…

95.3% said they would respond to an SMS survey request
(Source: IPOS MORI)

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That’s right. Customers seem to love answering your questions by text message on their mobile phones, and why wouldn’t they? It’s on a device that the modern human being simply adores, we all love our mobile phones and wouldn’t dream of leaving any room without it. The text message itself is a personal thing however it’s also pretty unintrusive when it comes to a survey, it can be done in your own time whilst lying in your sofa with a nice glass of wine, rather than in the middle of the street chatting to someone with a clipboard.

It’s short and sweet and can take only a minute for the customer to complete. But equally for the business it’s very convenient to do, easy to setup, just simply write 5 or so questions and then send out to all your customers with a press of one simple send button.

Below is a fantastic little free eBook all about the why and how of business SMS surveys. It’s filled with great stats, tips and examples – so enjoy and start gathering feedback on your business, and begin to grow and improve your business with mobile marketing and SMS surveys.

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