Snapchat Adds Two New Location-Based Ad Options

Snap Inc. has announced two new, location-based ad tools which will give businesses more ways to reach their target audiences within the app at just the right time.

As explained by Snap:

“Like the camera, location is central to how Snapchatters use our app. From Geofilters to Context Cards to the Snap Map and more, location plays a huge role in how our community experiences Snapchat. This presents businesses and brands with a unique opportunity to reach an incredibly engaged audience based on where they are and what they’re doing in the real world.”

Indeed, Snap has been making their location tools more of a focus, with new ways to utilize the Snap Map and connect with people, and businesses, based on in-app location data.

Adding to this, Snap will now enable advertisers to reach audiences based on ‘Location Categories’ and ‘Radius Targeting’.

Snapchat Adds Two New Location-Based Ad Options | Social Media Today

First up is ‘Location Categories’ – just as it sounds, Location Categories enable advertisers to reach users based on where they are, and what normally happens there, as opposed to regular location tools.

Instead of running Snap Ads and Filters over specific locations or geofences, advertisers can now reach Snapchatters based on the type of location they’re in. For example, a swimsuit brand can reach Snapchatters currently at beaches nationwide, or a movie studio can reach them at the theater. Advertisers can also get more specific by narrowing down their location categories by state, city, DMA, and more.” 

Snapchat Adds Two New Location-Based Ad Options | Social Media Today

So basically, rather than you having to go through and specify the exact address of the locations you’re trying to reach, Location Categories will enable you to select a type of place – like, in the above example, ‘beaches’ – and Snap’s system will give you options on how to reach them.

It’s an interesting prospect, with a lot of potential, taking some of the research effort out of ad targeting. Now, you can look up ‘public gardens’ or ‘gyms’ and get a listing of specific options based on the types of locations where your ad messaging will best fit, likely enabling you to reach audiences in a specific frame of mind.

It’s also interesting when you consider that according to research commissioned by Snapchat last year, 80% of Snapchat users take Snaps in restaurants, 66% use the app in shopping malls, 50% are active while at the gym and 49% use it in airports. Snapchat also introduced Snap Lifestyle Categories last year to capitalize on usage trends and groups.

With ‘Radius Targeting’, Snap advertisers will be able to ‘add or exclude a radius around an address, city center, pin, or point of interest (like Yankee Stadium or UCLA).’

Snapchat Adds Two New Location-Based Ad Options | Social Media Today

Snap says the option will help advertisers connect with users based on their activity, with more specific location targeting than the broader scope of Location Categories.

“For example, travel app Hopper recently cut its cost per install in half by using radius targeting around airports to reach those likely to fly from that hub with a specific flight deal. This combination of smart radius targeting and geographically-relevant creative gave the highest-intent Snapchatters a sense of urgency to act.”

Location is fast becoming a key focus for Snapchat, with the aforementioned Snap Map, and various new location-relevant features aimed at boosting awareness of in-app content. That’ll also help advertisers reach users at the right time, and these new location tools will make it easier for brands to hone in on specific people, right when they’re likely to be most receptive to their messaging.  

In addition to this, Snap is also adding new ‘Foot Traffic Insights‘ which will provide data on your in-store traffic who are also Snapchat users.

Snapchat Adds Two New Location-Based Ad Options | Social Media Today

As you can see here, the tool provides insights into your Snapchat active audience, highlighting demographic data and traffic information, and giving you a better oveview of who you should focus on trying to reach through the app. The new tool is being launched in beta with selected brands.

Snap’s ad options are getting smarter, and with data showing that Snap continues to gain ground in usage amongst younger audiences, it remains a key consideration for many businesses. Will Snap become even more important in the wake of the latest Facebook controversy? Time will tell, but it does seem likely that users will be more aware than ever of their privacy options. Snap could be well-positioned to win out in this respect.

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