So What Does it Take to Become an Influential Blogger?

Most bloggers set their sites on being an influential blogger.

At one time or another, at least.


Being an influencer is fun, freeing and rewarding.

Look at that image below. Me in Kathmandu, Nepal, from a few years ago.

Gaining influencer status helps you become a pro blogger so you can work from home and/or circle the globe.

You can become influential. But you need to know: this journey is not easy.

I filmed a video explaining what it takes to be an influential blogger.

You can watch it here, on Facebook:




Become an influential blogger.


Before becoming successful, learn what it takes to become successful. Be a student of blogging.

Janice Wald graciously published my guest post:

Be a Blogging Student: 8 Ways

so we could help her readers understand blogging is a skill we must learn and practice, before seeing blogging success.

Learn. Create. Connect.

Patiently learn successful blogging from top bloggers. Follow their blogs. Invest in their eBooks. Sponge up their experiences. Position yourself to become an influencer.


Create helpful content generously to become influential.

Bloggers influencers are incredibly generous.

Enstine Muki publishes helpful content across a wide variety of channels.

He creates inspired content on his blog, via guest posts and through Facebook videos.

The more he creates, the more he distances himself from most bloggers in his niche, since the majority of bloggers rarely create helpful content.

Be creative. Be generous. Publish insightful content on the regular. Sit with writer’s block until the mental block dissolves, and passes. Write helpful content, record valuable videos and publish helpful podcasts to lay the foundation for being influential in your blogging niche of choice.


I broadcast this video live on Facebook last night:

Usually I get 100-200 views per video after 1-2 days but noted this video registered 2,200 views in only 21 hours.

My friend Alonzo Pichardo shared the video on his Facebook Page. He built a huge, highly engaged tribe so these folks watch and Like his content freely.

Alonzo shares my videos and posts because we built a strong connection. We built a strong connection because we each share each other’s content freely and engage every day on social media and through Messenger.

Building connections helps you become a blogging influencer because hyper successful bloggers amplify your reach, expanding your sphere of influence.

You need to be helpful, genuine and generous to connect with successful bloggers. Desperately begging people to share your link only turns off bloggers who have seen the same, lame approach thousands of times.

Do you want to stand out? Ask a top blogger how you can help them and ask for nothing, for yourself. Retweet a top blogger. Facebook Share their latest blog post. Comment genuinely on their blog. Email top pros, asking if they need help with anything.

Be generous and persistent. Grow bonds with influencers who can expand your reach freely, helping you become an influential blogger yourself.

Patience Wins

Nobody becomes an influencer in 3 weeks or in 2 months. Be patient, guys. Overnight success is not possible and if you do happen to be a 1 hit wonder in a short time frame, your blogging success will roll in and out like the tide.

Every blogging influencer I know patiently and persistently devoted years of their life to honing their blogging craft.

I may live an incredibly cool life, spending months in Fiji, Bali and Thailand, but I also work my tail off. No free blogging lunches.

I do love blogging but am also human; early on a Saturday evening, one part of me wishes to just watch Netflix versus writing this guest post. But established, pro bloggers get the job done daily, showing up and helping people.

Learn. Create. Connect. Persist.

Position yourself to be an influential blogger.

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