Social Media Proves It’s a Tight Knit Community for #UglySweaterDay – Full Report


It’s one of the most wonderful days of the holiday season. #UGLYSWEATERDAY on social media hit Instagram and Twitter December 15th, 2017 with a full frontal dose of hilarity.

One brand grabbed the neon reindeer concept by the horns. Alaska Airlines decked out plane seats with ugly sweaters for all passengers and offered up early boarding to passengers already decked out in their holiday garb.

Krispy Kreme Donuts also got in on the fun, offering free donuts to those who showed up bedecked in Ugly Sweaters.

Although Tree, Santa and Reindeer themes dominated, you didn’t have to be decked out in Christmas Sweaters to play.

You didn’t even have to be human.

Or of this century…

Warning: Some of the of the#UglySweaterDay sweaters are a little NSFW.

So how much impact does an Ugly Sweater really have on social media? How do you sort the Donners and the Blixens from the Rudolphs whose noses (and knits) really shone so bright?



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While the Tweets and Grams were still flying in fast and furious, we ran a couple Hashtracking Explorer Plus Snapshot reports early this afternoon to help predict who was taking the #UglySweaterDay title home this year.

You can download our full #UGLYSWEATERDAY Instagram report and #UGLYSWEATERDAY Twitter report here.

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What other holiday tags should we be tracking? Leave us a comment below!

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