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Social Quarterly: Q1 2017 | Econsultancy

Social media evolves rapidly, and the Social Quarterly provides an overview of the latest trends in the industry. It contains information which can be translated into your own documents, allowing you to prepare a pitch or use internally at a moment’s notice.

The Social Quarterly examines the current social media landscape, trends and updates on various social platforms and considers what will happen next. Updated four times per year, it will help to quickly surface statistics and trends you can use and react to immediately.

This year’s first edition of the Social Quarterly looks at Instagram’s new stickers and carousal features, Pinterest’s new visual discovery tool, the introduction of Snapchat-like features to Facebook-owned platforms, how Twitter is combatting online abuse as well as social engagement stats on the Super Bowl. Plenty to whet your appetite!

Bringing to life data from the Internet Statistics Compendium and the Econsultancy blog, the Social Quarterly is the best of social in an easy-to-digest format.

The Social Quarterly will allow you to:

  • Stay up to date with regular developments across multiple social media platforms.
  • Present and pitch at short notice with clear and effective data.
  • Pinpoint areas in which you want to find out more and use the linked Econsultancy resources and blog posts to do this.
  • Spot potential ways your company could be using social media but is not currently.

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