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Sphero knows how to make STEM programming fun, and the company’s latest robotics kits are no exception. Kids can find their STEM inspiration through sports using the new soccer-themed robotic kit, which contains a mini robotic ball that looks just like a soccer ball. Sphero also is releasing a comprehensive mini kit with a variety of miniatures that kids can use to create obstacle courses, games, and more. With price tags under $100, these two robotic kits are bound to be a hit among kids and parents alike.

Sphero Mini Soccer

Sphero Mini Soccer

Sphero’s second mini kit, Sphero Mini soccer, is inspired by the sport of soccer. Included in the kit is Sphero mini robotic ball with a soccer-ball style shell and cones. Kids can use the Sphero Play and Edu app to program the ball to move around the cones or knock the cones down. The cones also can be arranged into a makeshift goal, and kids can fire the Sphero into the goal using Kick drive and other modes. Each kit includes a single robotic mini ball, eight cones, and a Micro USB cable to charge the Sphero ball.

Sphero Mini Activity Kit

Sphero Mini Activity Kit takes the company’s popular mini ball and bundles with a series of miniature accessories. The accessories allow kids to create obstacle courses with mazes, tunnels, and cones for the Sphero ball to traverse. The set also includes 15 activity cards to get kids started and an exclusive clear Sphero mini robotic ball with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 45 minutes of use.

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Kids can follow the step-by-step STEM projects that work with Sphero Play or Sphero Edu. Once they master the basics, kids can use Sphero to develop their coding skills further. They can expand their capabilities using Scratch blocks and then eventually Javascript to control how the mini-robot moves and responds to inputs.

Block Drive

Sphero also is adding a new Block Drive into its Play app on September 16. This new driving mode uses coding to control the movement of the Sphero robot. New movement blocks tell the robot which direction to roll, while light blocks allow kids to add colorful LED effects to their robot. Sphero’s Block Drive feature won’t be limited to the Soccer Mini and the Mini Activity Kit. The feature will be made available to all the robotic balls in Sphero’s lineup.

Pricing and Availability

The Sphero Mini Soccer kit will debut first, going on sale starting September 16 at and other select online retailers. It will cost $50 when it debuts. The Sphero mini activity kit will be available starting October 2 at and other online retailers. The mini kit will cost $80 when it goes on sale this fall.

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