Good To SEO | Search engine optimization (SEO) Blog News wants to bring something new to a tried and true business form. As a result, they are changing the traditional spreadsheet and adding a new database and project management tools. The redesign tweaks make this familiar business tool more collaborative.

Small Business Trends contacted Matt Robinson, Co-founder and CEO, to learn more.

He started with some good news for small business owners. This new product builds on something they’re already familiar with.

New Online Spreadsheet

“ works the way everyone already knows, with a whole new set of easy-to-use features,” he wrote. “They give it the power of a user-friendly database and project management system. There’s real-time updates and messaging.

With anyone with basic spreadsheet skills can quickly and easily build powerful solutions for collaborative work.”

The new changes include worksheet data and grid cell tweaks. For example, there are new views for managing workflows and responsibilities. There are shared views with filtering and sorting criteria.

Connect Worksheets

You can also connect your worksheets together and views for project plans and tasks lists.

It’s clear the goal here is to improve on items like shared databases and project management systems. As a result, Robinson explains how real-life research in the business world was the starting point.

For example, the new features found in come from years of observing how people work together in spreadsheets. And research on how to make them more effective for that work.

Works A Lot Better

“We didn’t want to build something that requires people to replace the spreadsheet they already know. Our belief has always been that people just need a spreadsheet that works a lot better for the way they use it.”

READ ALSO  How to Look Good Live Streaming Yourself from Home takes something old and something new. There’s the traditional interface and features. These are combined with the database and project management capabilities that surpass what users are used to. Add in some real-time updates and messaging and everything becomes more collaborative.

Familiar Foundation

Building on a familiar foundation means that small business owners will have a familiar starting line.

“ is the only platform for collaborative work that is based on the traditional spreadsheet,” Robinson writes.  “All other products require users to leave that to experience the benefits.”

There are other features that make it appealing to SMBs. For example, is standards-compliant with support for the XLS and XLSX standard. These are regulatory benchmarks.

Pre Made Templates

There are pre made templates available so small business owners can get started quickly. These include ones for CRM, Employee Directory, Asset Management, Inventory Management and Applicant Tracking.

Robinson shared some of the things that company is working on.

“In the near future, features like workflow, automation, integrations, reporting, dashboarding, and more will be added,” he says.  “These will create the most accessible no-code/low-code platform for anyone with basic spreadsheet familiarity. We also plan to offer mobile and tablet apps as well as  offline viewing and editing.”

There is an early version of at


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