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Square and SumAll: Perfect Business Pairing


SumAll is releasing better integration for our Square customers in the near future! We’re also running a great contest to where you can WIN a brand-new Square contactless and chip store terminal system (retail value $169). There are five winners total so sign up now with your Square account and get some great analytics about your customers very soon!

Keep reading for some great tips on how to get your customer data from SumAll!

As we’re working hard to add in new platforms and integrations, we’re so glad that we can welcome our Square business customers to our site.

So, how can we help?

SumAll is a great way for a busy store owner to get social media analytics (including Facebook, Twitter and many more to come) RIGHT in your email inbox – no logging into another site (unless you want to), no scrolling through a mobile app and as frequently or infrequently as you like!

Our amazing FREE email digests are available for delivery daily or weekly or both. You can name your digests in a way that makes sense for you, we won’t stop you!

You can also connect as many Facebook accounts (pages) as you’d like, helping you manage multiple brands if need be. You can also choose which pages you want to get data for with an easy toggle on-and-off.

We know you already have a Square magstripe reader that allows you to easily swipe credit cards anywhere. We’re offering a giveaway with the latest Square Stand – simply slip your iPad into it and you can take chip cards and NFC payments at your new countertop point of sale – how amazing is that?

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Create an account on SumAll today, and hello again to our new Square friends!


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