Star Wars Lightsaber Bionic Arm
Trace Wilson, a 25-year-old Star Wars fan from Richmond, Virginia, USA, was born without his right hand, but found a geeky solution by attaching a lightsaber in place of his missing limb. Simply put, the lightsaber parts are made by Saberforge and the adapter that enables him to connect it to his forearm was custom designed by Trace. He created the design, 3D printed a prototype and then Saberforge machined the final version out of metal. Read more for a video and additional information.

Yes, it even received the approval of Luke Skywalker himself, as actor Mark Hammill told Trace that he thought his new arm was ‘fantastic’ before suggesting he could use his skills to help the Jedis. There’s no word yet on if he’ll contact Disney to get obtain a license to mass produce these.

“When I wore the lightsaber, I felt accomplished and excited to share it with fellow cosplay enthusiasts, the amputee community, and of course Star Wars fans. I want people to feel inspired, and to see how easily a disability or “weakness” can be turned into a strength,” said Trace.