Started with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages with WordPress AMP

Google AMP full form Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open
source initiative supported by technology companies like Google as well as
Twitter. The main objective of the project is to make web content load faster
for mobile users.

Why You Want AMP for WordPress?

The most obvious advantages Google AMP provides is boosting speed. Since page speed is a significant
factor while it comes to your pages’ rankings in Search Engine Results Pages
(SERPs), this may help make your site more visible.

to Start Using AMP in WordPress

If you’ve decided that AMP would be wonderful
for your site, let’s take a look at how you may begin using AMP in WordPress
and then validate that everything is working properly (we have a tool for it
right here!)

the Plugin

To utilize this AMP plugin for WordPress,
you’ll initial want to navigate to Plugins > Add New in your dashboard.
Search for ‘AMP for WP‘, as well as install, now download the plugin:

Now, navigate to the new AMP tab in
WordPress dashboard. You would see a drop-down menu with sections for Settings,
Extensions, Design as well as so on.

You’ll want to begin by going through the
handy Getting Started guide on this page. It will aid you optimally configure
your WordPress AMP setup. After that, you may run through the several options
AMP for WP provides, including:

SEO: This includes integration with SEO
plugins, meta description settings and many more.

  • Analytics: Here you may set up
    integration with Google Tag Manager, as well as analytics options.
  • Comments: This helps you
    configure whether or not you wish to include WordPress, Disqus, or Facebook
    comments in your WordPress AMP.
  • Advanced Settings: You may
    enter custom HTML for headers as well as footers, set up mobile redirection,
    and toggle retina images on and off.

Be sure to click
Save Changes.

the look as well as feel of your WordPress AMP

After that, select the Design tab:

Essentially, this is where you may
customize your WordPress AMP site. To do this, you may select a dedicated AMP
theme, out of various listed in the Theme Selector drop-down menu.

After picking a theme, you may customize
the way it looks and then you may save your changes. You may also preview them
by merely navigating to Appearance > AMP:

The free version of AMP for WP has a wide
variety of features. However, you may significantly improve the appearance as
well as functionality of your AMP site with premium extensions.

Premium AMP themes are also obtainable for
purchase. You may view them by returning to Design > Themes in your

If you want to enjoy even more advanced
features, there are a variety of Pro plans accessible for this plugin. These
range from the Personal plan (from $149 per year) to the Agency plan (catering
to limitless sites for $499 per year).


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