Startups can now Avoid SEO Nightmare when Changing Domain Names

Domain Migration is a huge thing. It can knock dread into the hearts of even skilled webmasters. But with some careful steps it can’t be as intimidating as it sounds. It is possible to make it easy, specially if you are a startup.

Moving domains is risky, and when there is nothing wrong with it. If you look at it from an SEO point of view, it isn’t a good decision. It affects business and not in a good way.

Here are a few things you should do, if you are migrating domain. First is a pre launch audit. We can’t stress enough on how important it is. Also it is like a soft opening, where you check the launch of your website copy, internal links, meta content, canonical tags, meta robots attributes, page load speeds and many more things.

Redirecting mapping is a crucial step in migrating the domain. Companies providing SEO services in New York City stress the importance of redirecting all pages to the proper page. Plus, your priority pages should be on the top of the list because they are the pages that drive your traffic.

You also need to update all the internal links. This makes sure your users do not see a 404 pages when they navigate your site. Also collecting data of your revamped website is vital. Google Analytics helps you to collect data on your website and how it’s running.

After doing the migration, it is necessary that you audit its post launch. You need to keep tabs on how the website is doing with the changes. The best time to pre launch your website or launch it is in December. It is the festive time, and websites are in a slump. But, this gives you time in your hands to check all the errors and redo it.

You should be careful with the whole process though, because it pulls the website back a bit. And if not done right, it may cause mayhem in your business.

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