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Victor Smushkevich, the founder of one of its kind digital marketing agency “Smart Street Media”, has been working in the industry for over 12 years. During his tenure, he’s known to help many multinational companies reach new levels of success with his extraordinary skills. Victor has proven himself the best in California when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), and Lead Generation. According to Nicole Rombeau, founder of, Victor helped her build this company from scratch and he couldn’t have done a better job. She was barely getting 100 visits per month on her website. Today, she gets over 4,000 new visitors every month with a 30% increase in sales all thanks to Victor and his smart work.

Another one of the big names that worked with him is Josh Jennings from Josh said that Victor not only helped him achieve his goals but also educated him on every step of the process. He further added that Victor Smushkevich is a full-fledged digital marketing expert that knows exactly what he’s doing. Josh Jennings is now one of the permanent clients of Victor’s firm, Smart Street Media.

It was in 2013 that Victor decided to build a digital marketing firm of his own. He believed that offering services as a company would enable him to simultaneously utilize multiple resources to get better results for the clients. He can do only so much when working alone using the resources of other firms. He named his digital marketing agency Smart Street Media. “The name itself has a deep meaning to it showing how well he understands the field”, said his Project Manager, Jason Renoylds. In order to efficiently implement his dream of offering one-stop-shop agency, Victor needed a team of professionals with extraordinary skills in their discipline. Every successful businessperson knows that a strong team is crucial to building a strong foundation for the company. He had to invest a lot time and resources but he didn’t nudge on the quality of required skills. Today, Smart Street Media has four strong pillars lead by Victor Smushkevich himself.

  • His head designer, Brenda Adam, is a creative UCLA graduate with more than five years of experience in UX and Design.
  • Lead SEO of the Smart Street Media is Ryan Whitton, a certified Bing Ads Professional and Google Partner with over eight years of experience.
  • Likewise, Jason Renoylds and Corey Rose were carefully selected for Project Management and Partner Management – both essential to run a successful digital marketing company.

It was after building a reliable team that Victor knew now he can put all his creative strategies to practice. He had a team that he hired not to do what he said, but tell him how his ideas and campaigns could be more efficient. Each professional was an expert in his field and combined with Victor’s ambitions they were able to conquer milestones that a startup can’t even think of. Today, Smart Street Media has helped dozens of international businessmen achieve over 1 million app downloads, rank 237 websites with 41,000 keywords, and generate more than 56,000 leads.

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