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Cold Calling Never Went Out Of Style

Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay Recently, someone made a comment saying, “It’s interesting to see cold calling coming back into style…..” The comment startled me, and I can see where the speaker was coming from, but I couldn’t have disagreed more. The reality is cold calling has never gone out of style. As you
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Why video calling is essential for your multichannel customer service strategy

Is your business equipped to offer customers personalized experiences across multiple channels? In the era of instant communications and instant gratification, relationships between businesses and customers are changing. Driven by customers’ need for personalized and seamless interactions, brands are constantly adopting new communication channels, which allow them to reach customers at any
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cold calling

The conventional wisdom in today’s digital marketing circles is that the cold call is outdated as a method of finding new customers. Consider for a moment that tens of millions of people have signed up for “Do Not Call” lists. People don’t even want to talk on their smartphones – they’d much