YouTube is Remastering 1, 000 of the Top Music Video Clips of All Time

YouTube is partnering with Universal Music Group to upgrade nearly 1, 000 of the top music videos of all time. Source link

Facebook Provides Video Monetization Best Practices, Disincentivizes Sharing of Repurposed Clips

Facebook's looking to expand its video ad monetization options, while also outlining plans to take action against less engaging practices. Source link

Are Short Video Clips Making a Comeback Through Tik Tok?

Music video clip app Tik Tok is growing in usage, and may become a more significant social media consideration. Source link

LinkedIn Adds Voice Clips to Messaging Tools, Which May be More Functional Than You'd Think

LinkedIn has added voice clips as an option in its messaging tools, which may serve a significant purpose in growing the app's usage. Source link

Facebook’s Testing Out Voice Clips as a Status Update Option

Can’t be bothered typing on your tiny smartphone keyboard to post your latest update? Now, Facebook’s testing a new option which would enable users to share voice clips as status updates, providing another means through which to share your thoughts and opinions. As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook’s now testing voice clips with a small percentage …

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