What’s a Good Conversion Rate? It Depends

When it comes to analyzing online businesses, a common question is “What is a good sales conversion rate?” It’s difficult to answer because conversion rates vary greatly and depend on many factors, including product offerings, target audiences, prices, and devices. Conversion rates tend to fluctuate. For example, leading into the third quarter
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Customer Success Depends upon Transparency

Peter Armaly is a Senior Director and Advisor for Oracle SaaS Customer Success. He is responsible for program design and execution of skills enablement for the customer success organization and in that capacity he works closely with senior executives both internally and externally. Peter is a highly accomplished marketing and customer success

Is link building dead? Depends on who you talk to

Sure, link building used to be plagued by a morass of black-hat tactics like link farms, paid link schemes, hidden links and spammy content. But after Google introduced Penguin algorithm updates in 2012 to crack down on those tactics, the focus turned to white hat techniques and quality content. But, that doesn’t mean